Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 "TO DO LIST" Count Down

Earlier this week I promised "After" pictures of the storage area underneath the stairs. I worked on this today and got it under control, but there is so much "sentimental" stuff in there, I just put most of it back in! At least it now looks neat.

I will be going back in there in the future to get rid of some stuff and store items in better containers. At least now I know what's in there and what I'm up against! :o)






Anonymous said...

What happened to the Wolfpack???? Is that it on the very back and covered from view?

good job.


Rynna said...

I'm a housewife and a mother of two kids. I've been inspired by your blog. Especially the 2009 to do list. I might as well come up with the list as well. Great blog for my future reference.

Terri said...

Very nice! You did a great job, Debbie.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Debbie,
I have the same problem with trying to decide what to keep and what to do away with.
You are doing such a great job with your organizing, I know the feeling when you have got a big job completed.

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