Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Update

Hi everyone!


Mama's procedure to have the pacemaker put in went well. The only hitch was that she was running a fever of 102 last night and her blood pressure was high. It was looking like she might have to stay longer than one night, but this morning the temperature was normal and the blood pressure was good. So, unless the hospital thinks she needs further monitering, she'll probably come home today. We are so glad its over and she is especially glad. She was really dreading it.

Her pulse was running about 70 yesterday after the procedure which is much better than it has been for a long time. Hopefully she can get back to her pre-procedure self and much better soon.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Please remember her and her family in the upcoming days too!

BOOK GIVE AWAY UPDATEThe winner I drew out of the hat for the "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman", Diane from England, is missing in action, so I have drawn another name.


Janel, I will also email you, but if you see this first, please email me with your mailing address.


ancient one said...

So glad your mom's procedure went well. She should see some improvement very soon.

And congrats to the winner of your book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
That is great news to hear that she came through well. I hope each day will show her greater health.

Janel said...

Hi Debbie,
I am so happy that your mom is doing well. I will keep her in my prayers to continue to get stronger.

I am so excited that I won the book!!! Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to read it!!!

PS thank you Ann for the congrats!

Terri said...

I'm so glad the procedure went well. That is wonderful news!

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