Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandma's Needlepoint - Heart Strings

My maternal grandmother was all that I would like to be. She was a very spiritual woman, first and foremost. She also was excellent at all things "Home". She sewed, quilted, did needlepoint, gardened, cooked and raised eleven children, all of whom turned out to be very special people. The flowers in her yard were so beautiful in the summer time that people passing on the road would stop to walk through it. My own yard is full of plants from her yard: A camelia bush, a rose bush, many nandina bushes and many yellow irises.

My mother says that as soon as she got every one fed breakfast she would retreat to her chair for her "prayers". Then if there was time, especially in the winter time, she would start stitching. She had a wood stove for heat and I can just see her sitting by the heater sewing in my mind's eye. What a way to be remembered by her children. Praying and sewing... I hope mine remember me that way.

I ran across these pieces that she made in my mother's linen closet and borrowed them to take pictures of and try to copy. I'm sure they are at least 50 years old, if not older and they have been washed many, many times. I'm not so sure my own handwork will hold up like this! And how she learned to do this, I don't know.

This is a pillowcase. You can't see it too well in this picture, but there are white birds on there. Probably doves.

This is one corner of a table cloth. The other three corners have identical stitching. See the edging on there? That's a very delicate crochet thread edging. She had to go around this piece of cloth at least 4 times to achieve this edging.

I have been doing some crochet edge flannel baby blankets, but to be honest, I'm not pleased with the outcome. I think I'll stick to quilting! I have one of my grandmother's quilt tops that she made from feed sacks, and what ever fabric she had on hand. It was never quilted. Some day when I have more time, I hope to finish the quilt and to show a picture of the quilt top on this blog.

We're having a NOR'EASTER! The next three days look rainy and very windy. In fact its been very windy all week! Hubby is supposed to be playing in a golf tournament sponsored by his work place today at a fancy golf course. Does not sound like fun to me! Good Luck to Hubby!

Happy Thursday!


Terri said...

Debbie, that is absolutely beautiful! What exquisite work she did and you are blessed to have these.

ancient one said...

Yes, this is definitely a day for inside. We have rain as well as the wind today. And guess what? My husband had the thermostat set so we got up to heat today. First time this fall. I sat with a quilt wrapped around me last night. I guess he took the hint*.

Your grandmother's needle work is certainly beautiful. I don't have any of my grandmother's... but I have someone's grandmothers.. got it at an estate sale.. couldn't believe the family didn't want it..

Alos have a couple of pieces that Penny made for me..

Miss 376 said...

How beautiful, and so fantastic the family are still able to enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty! How wonderful to have such precious memories of your grandmother too.

Melinda said...

Those are beautiful! It's so nice that you appreciate the work your grandmother did. As well as your memory of her being a Godly women.

It looks to me like you have followed in your grandmothers footsteps in both the spirtual sense as well as having a flair for sewing and needlepoint!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
How pretty. I have lots of linens Dave's grandma made. She was just like your grandma.

Pen Pen said...

Sweet treasures! Aren't the rain and cool temp's wonderful?

Ruth said...

The linens are beautiful! Both the embroidery and the crocheted edging are exquisite. Thank you for sharing. This makes me want to start embroidering some new tea towels for my kitchen!

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