Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Abandoned Mailbox

I live in a very rural area and live next door to an unoccupied home. It was once the home of my children's grandparents. Sadly their grandmother died in a car accident in January of 2000 and their grandfather died three years after that. Their heir owns it now and has done a great job of keeping the home and yard in good condition. It was rented out for a short time, but is now vacant.

For some reason the owner hasn't thought about or gotten around to cleaning up around the mailbox. For a while I would drive by and think it was an eyesore, but in God's own time it has become a thing of beauty! I love this wild vine with the tiny red flowers. The same vine is growing on the fence of the little Episcopal church I walk by almost every day during my work week. Its also growing on the corn in the background of the mailbox picture I took the day after my grandson was born shown here. I don't know if its a weed or a plant that you could buy at the plant store.

I took this picture a little too early this cool almost-autumn morning for the flowers to be completely open, but its still gorgeous to me.

PS: I got a new camera! Let the blogging, Etsy Shop Sales and Ebay Sales resume!

1 comment:

ancient one said...

Congrats on the new camera.. one of these days I'm gonna break down and buy me another..

That little flowering vine... a friend gave me some and she called it "humming bird vine"... once it starts growing it reseeds itself every year... I think it is pretty..

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