Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Time Management 101

If the rest of the week is as busy as Monday was.... then wow! I would describe it as floating in the edge of the ocean waiting for a wave. You can't really do too much while waiting for the next wave to come. BUT, you can see it in the distance growing in size. You know its going to hit you eventually, you just don't know exactly when. Finally it gets closer and closer and knocks you under!!!

The two time management books I bought from Amazon are turning out to be favorite reference books. I'm sure I'll be going back to them again and again. They are "How to Have a 48 Hour Day" and "Getting More Done in Less Time". The one I was most looking forward to, "Shopping For Time" never arrived. Evidently the seller had some kind of problem with it and I was refunded the purchase price. I plan to order another one soon.

If I could give an overall summary of the book "How to have a 48 hour day", it would be: Work hard and be early! I kid you not, there is an entire chapter called "BE EARLY!" The author has the best work ethic I have ever seen. I have been implementing his suggestions into my life for about a week. In fact I don't think I could have survived Monday without them! They certainly helped me to get all the things done this past weekend that I needed and wanted to do.

These are some of the topics in the chapter about being early:

1. When to prepare? EARLY!
2. Work ahead, not behind. (toss the word "later" out of your vocabulary)
3. Keep a frontlog, not a backlog.
4. What time of day is best for doing?
5. Early Eliminates Deadline Stress.
6. Waiting - Give it a Shot of Early.
7. Fixing - Do it Early
8. A whole list of things that achieve the "Magic of Early".

I hope to go into more detail on these topics and others from the book in future posts.

If I could give an overall summary of the book, "Get More Done in Less Time", it would be: "Make an organizing notebook". I have updated and nipped and tucked my notebook to the point I finally am actually using it and enjoying it! This has been a work in progress for me for several years. I'm also planning a post about what is in my notebook soon.

Have a great day and remember, BE EARLY!


Terri said...

That sounds like an interesting book. I know that my husband and I have found that being early is the reason we are able to get so much done. Plan ahead, do it early, plan for the what ifs.

Thanks for sharing, Debbie!

*carrie* said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog!

These books sound very motivating! I often think about creating a household notebook and never really get anywhere. I do have binders that I keep of recipes and house ideas, but have never proceeded beyond that.

karylsquilts said...

sounds like the basic idea of GetRdone. Who needs 3 books on that???

Ruth said...

I've requested the book "How to Have a 48-Hour Day" from the library -- thanks for the suggestion and the book report! ~ Ruth

Susan said...

Ok - I've reserved a copy of the 48 hour book through interlibrary loan! I couldn't find the other one in all of BC, but this one I found - can't wait to read it!

My husband is a stickler for being early to church things (missionary/pastor = lots of appointments to speak at churches!), so we learned to get to those early. I'm just now learning the value of doing things ahead of time, though. It really does save a lot of time just to prepare ahead.

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