Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Musings

Good morning! I hope you are ready for the week.... aarrgghhh!

We had an extremely busy weekend.

We attended my sweetie's family reunion at the FFA camp at a lake about 40 miles from our home. It was a beautiful day, not too hot considering its August! Everyone enjoyed catching up and the food was great. It was catered by a local seafood place. We had fried shrimp, Eastern North Carolina BBQ, fried chicken, potato salad, slaw, string beans and hush puppies. yum!

My sister in law and brother in law visited us on Friday night. We really enjoyed seeing them! They were on the way to the family reunion via their RV so they just plugged in and parked in the back yard. They even brought Friday night's food for all of us. I have to say this was the easiest over night company we've ever had. (Thanks for the visit MJ and TJ!)

Sunday we celebrated sweet grandbaby's first birthday! This is one amazing child! He really enjoyed his first taste of cake and the presents. I decorated the kitchen with balloons and streamers. He loved it! The food turned out so good! Our menu was chicken pot pie, baked potato slices, string beans, pasta shells cooked in broth, sliced tomatoes, and chicken salad.

My turn to spend the night with Mama fell on Saturday night, so I cooked as much of my Sunday dinner as I could Saturday morning. I also made a cake, decorated the kitchen and wrapped gifts Saturday morning. When Mama and I got up on Sunday morning, I cooked her dinner early before going to church and upon our return, rushed home to finish everything up.

I am very pleased with the work I got done last week in the master bedroom and this week I plan to spend time deep cleaning the living room. There's some dust that is going away from here!

Hope your week starts off well and continues to be good all week!


Alexandra said...

A very happy birthday to your sweet grand baby.

Anonymous said...

Hi debbie,
Wow it hard to beleive he is already 1.
Sounds like you had a fun week end.

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