Sunday, August 31, 2008


Its been such a nice weekend so far. I was off work Friday and Monday for a four day weekend. Of all the summer holidays, I like Labor Day best. It signals the end of summer and the soon to come Fall season. I love this time of year. Football season has started up, leaves will soon be turning colors and starting to fall, cooler weather is iminent and I already have a pumpkin in my yard. My Fall wreath has gone up this weekend, as well.

I have done deep cleaning in my zone for two weeks in a row and I feel so much better about my home. The first week was in the Master Bedroom and the second one was in the Living Room. Next week I will be working in the dining area, front entrance and front porch areas. As usual, they need it!

These are some of the things I hope to get accomplished:

My sewing room is at the front door:

1. Sort and organize sewing fabric, supplies, etc.
2. Detail vacuuming, dusting and floor cleaning.
3. Wash and dust light fixture.
4. Wash front glass door and side windows.
5. Check for any cobwebs

Front Porch:

1. Trim and neaten up plants
2. Sweep
3. Clean outside light fixtures
4. Get down any cobwebs or spider webs. (We have lots of spiders!:o()

Dining Area:

1. Clean light fixture over the table, including running glass globes through the diswasher.
2. Organize and declutter cabinets and drawers in the china cabinet.
3. Clean under the china cabinet, table, chairs, telephone table, and plant stand.
4. Trim and neaten up plants.
5. Clean Mini blinds.
6. Wash Glass back door and side windows.

These are my tentative menus for the week:

Sunday: Pork Chops, Fresh Okra (breaded and fried), "Grillin Beans", Corn bread.

Monday: Vegetable Soup using home grown tomatoes with a ground beef base. This is the kind of vegetable soup we always had in the lunch room in my elementary school. Keep in mind that has been 40 years ago! I remember that I picked out all the little pieces of hamburger and dipped my spoon in to the get all the juice, but never touched the vegetables. Now I love all of the soup.

With the soup, we also had our choice of sandwiches: Either pimento cheese or this other sandwich which I think was raisins and peanut butter ground up together. It was delicious. Have any of you ever heard of this or am I confused about what it actually was.

Tuesday: Barbecue chicken cooked in the crock pot. My sweetie comes home at lunch time now and he will get it out of the fridge and turn it on for me. I can't leave food cooking in the crock pot all day. Its too long and it overcooks.

Pasta Salad and green beans for sides.


Sloppy Joes on wheat buns and salad


Hotdogs with the works and/or left overs from earlier in the week.

Friday: Still thinkin!

Have a good week!


Pen Pen said...

Your menus sound great. I know the peanutbutter sandwiches you are talking about from school. Not sure what was in them, but they were so good. I wouldn't eat the veggie soup either... thought it was gross. Now soup is one of my favorite meals!

Melinda said...

I hope you had a good time while off! Sounds like you are still getting a lot accomplished!

I did thoroughly enjoy my time off, I had about 3 months longer than usual! :) But it sure is painful having to go back, hopefully I get back in the groove of it soon! So far it ain't happenin. ha.

Rhonda in OK said...

Hi Debbie,
just popping in to say Hi to you.

your fried okra sounds so good!

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