Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?!!!

I do! Lately, it's been one thing after another for me.

So I've tried to sit down with my calendar and notebooks and all my organizing tools to get organized. I want to figure out what is important and what will just have to wait. I even found more books on organizing your time at the library. I've about read all my branch has on the subject! LOL

When I got out my calendar and turned to August, 08, this is what I wrote in there last January. "Work on handmade Christmas gifts". Yikes!

If I had time this is a list of all the things I need to do or want to do:

1. Spend more time reading the Bible and doing a daily devotion.
2. Sew items for my Etsy Shop
3. Sew items for Christmas
4. Make a baby quilt for my nephew's upcoming baby shower.
5. Make crochet edge baby blankets for my nephew's baby and for future gifts and possibly the Etsy Shop.
6. Work on taxes
7. Do all of Flylady's routines for my home.
8. Declutter and clean everything, including the attic, garage, all closets and cabinets.
9. Exercise every day. My doctor told me recently to walk 45 minutes a day. (!!)
10. Sew special items for on line friends. Some of you have been so kind to me and I want to do the same. I've just had a crazy summer!!
11. Cook more nutritious meals instead of the quick meals we've had to resort to lately.
12. Work in my yard. I love to work in the yard, but haven't done any this summer. My sweetie and son have been doing all of it.
13. Work on Christmas preparations ahead of time.
14. Shop with coupons. I love to coupon shop!
15. Bargain hunt. I love thrift stores, yard sales and good deals. Even if I were rich, I would still enjoy these.
16. Blog more.

I read some where that if you give something up, some how God gives it back to you. So I've got to let some of the above list go, because its humanly impossible to do it all!

I think if I do number one on the list maybe the others will fall into place. Which of these items should I give up and which should I pursue? I want to do them all!!!

Susan of With Heart and Hand by Grace has a great idea that I'm trying this week. You make a list of only THREE of your most pressing things that need to be done each day. I think this would help me not to feel so overwhelmed. I can certainly get three things done a day in addition my regular daily routine of working, etc. I usually make such a long list, I can't possibly get it all done and then I feel like a failure. If I set my sights lower I can succeed.

Have a great Wednesday!


Terri said...

Given all that's happened lately, I say do #1 and forget about the rest. There are different seasons in everyone's life and this is just one of those times when clinging to the Lord and His word might be the only thing that gets done.

Praying for you, Debbie!

Mom2fur said...

Well, please don't give up blogging. I love reading your blog!
But Terri is right. Stick with number one and give the rest of it a vacation for a while, only picking and choosing what strikes your mood at the moment. Or find a simplified way of doing them.
Taxes--just have a big folder or shoebox and throw it all in there. Even if it isn't perfectly organized, it will be in one place.
Etsy and other sewing or crocheting--a seam here, a row there, and before you know it, things are done. Even the smallest step is a step ahead.
Flylady can shoo, as far as I'm concerned. My house is clean enough if you don't wear white gloves. step at a time, again! I'm decluttering my attic and I don't care if it takes me two years to do it. Who wants to be up in a 100 degree attic, anyway? (You should have 3 boxes for every project: KEEP, TOSS, DONATE. Just keep throwing things in them and when one is full, do what you have to do with it.)

Remember, walking is walking no matter where you do it. Get yourself a pedometer (wish I could find mine!) and wear it sunup to sundown. You'll be surprised at how many steps you put in during normal routine!

Your on-line friends love you and don't expect anything from you.

Meals: add a nice big salad to whatever you are making and call it nutritious, because it is. Nobody says you have to grind your own wheat.

E-mail me (lufmikidz at aol dot com) and tell me what coupons you use and I'll send them to you!

And now I'll stop. Believe me when I tell you...I talk as much as I type. Yak, yak, yak.

Caroline said...

I do the same thing. I make my to do list and it seems to grow and grow and for every one thing marked off I can think of 3 more that needs to go on it.

I find it helps just to tackle one thing at a time. It always helps me to remember that we are only put on this earth for a little while and 100 years from now there will be all new people and they won't care that my house was spotless or that I home cooked everything etc. That kind of puts in into perspective for me to be easier on myself and not be so critical of me.


Ruth said...

Your top 2 and #8 and #9 are my top 4. :)

Susan said...

I know all about the expanding to-do list! LOL I agree with the others - focus on #1 and let the others come into line from there.

You've been so busy lately, with caring for your mom and keeping your own home running, plus working . . . take it one thing at a time!

Melinda said...

You've had so much going on in your life I can see where you would feel ovewhelmed!

I agree of course with keeping at the #1 on your list and I read the post you referred to about doing 3 things a day. That sounds like a great idea.

After doing your top 3 things for the day, I agree with Susan, take it one thing at a time on your other list.

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