Tuesday, July 8, 2008


One of the major themes of a lot of my posts is time.... or the lack thereof...:o)

I've done numerous posts on managing time, getting organized and all of that. But, no matter how hard I try its like I'm just beating my head against a wall or spinning my wheels!

The Lord has shown me a new thing. I'm not in control!!! This is a new revelation to me. You probably knew this and I thought I knew it, but now I REALLY know that I'm not in control. I think we forget this sometimes.

I have to be realistic in what I can and cannot do with the time God has given me. So what does this mean to me in my day to day life?

If I don't get it all done ITS OK! My new way of thinking is that if I have time, I'll sew, clean, declutter, blog, etc. If I don't, I'm not going to get bent out of shape. I simply accept God's will for me on that particular day.

So Lord, unless you've got a better idea, tonight I'd like to cook a simple meal, declutter for 15 minutes, do a load of laundry, work in my zone 15 minutes, sew a bunch of new things for my Etsy Shop, sew gifts for friends, cook supper for Mama, take a long, luxurious bath, watch "Reba", do a "Works For Me Wednesday" post, walk a mile on the treadmill and be in bed by 9:00, where I'll do a Bible Study. LOL

Good thing I figured out I'm not in control, Right?


Terri said...

WHAT!!!! I'm not in control? ;-) Actually, I struggle with this concept quite regularly. Thank you for sharing this timely reminder, Debbie!

Paula said...

Dear Debbie,
Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comment. This is a wonderful post!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Debbie,
Of course you aren't in control. I am . LOL It took me a long time to learn to let go. I still struggle with this. Sometimes I think God needs my help.LOL

ancient one said...

I don't know exactly when I realized that concept, but I know I'm not in control. So long ago I hated to voice my intentions outloud, as something always seemed to come up to change my plans... Now it seems normal for a day to not go as I planned...LOL

Lyn said...

Oh Debbie, I think you touched a universal nerve! :) I think we all feel that way to different degrees for different reasons.

I can certainly understand why you feel that way right now. I hope you were able to accomplish all of your plans tonight. If not, that's okay too. God still loves you. Take care, friend.

Pen Pen said...

I, too, want to be in control. Usually, I feel like I am, but lately, I'm realizing I'm not. Good post!

Mary Ann said...

So true. God is constantly working with me to learn this valuable lesson. I had to laugh at your paragraph of all you wanted to do last night. Sounds like me.:-)

REAL ME said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and this was a great post!

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