Friday, June 13, 2008

Frugal Friday

Its been a while since I did a Frugal Friday Post! While this post is nothing earth shattering in the world of frugality, I wanted to list the ways I've been frugal, even under the stress of being a caretaker, during the last couple of weeks.

1. I had a couple of birthday and Father's Day gifts to buy. The economy has forced most retailers to offer very good sales and discounts. I was able to buy my sweetie several "nice" shorts for work and leisure at an extremely good price. I've never been able to find things for him at a thrift store or yard sale in the right size that looked nice, so finding clothing for him at an unbeatable sale in a retail store is the way to go.

2. I plan to keep an eye on the ever increasing sales for items to be used next year or for Christmas, etc. I would like to buy my grandson summer clearance clothing in the size he'll be in next summer, a 24 months size. I have a place to keep them until then. What a savings this will be. I've already seen very nice things at great prices. Its only June. They're bound to go much cheaper by the end of the summer!!!

3. I noticed that Bath and Body Works was having a 75% off clearance sale on their nice lotions, etc. I'm going to stock up on these for Christmas, stocking stuffers and other gifts.

4. I have managed to hang out a few loads of clothes. Its so hot now, it doesn't take them long to dry.

5. The stockpile I accumulated before Mama's stroke has been very convenient. I have plenty of hamburger in the freezer and canned goods for quick and frugal meals. I now see the necessity of a stockpile not only for saving money, but to have on hand in case of emergencies.

6. Being organized in my bill paying process has helped me to make sure I had no late charges, even when I don't have time to even think about such things.

7. We have been combining trips or avoiding as many trips as possible to save gas.

8. I have cut down the number of fast food meals I eat for lunch while at work. I've tried to bring a sandwich or soup. At the very least I limit what I buy to one sandwich or wrap and take advantage of the many coupons available.

9. We finished paying off our vehicle payment and ARE NOT GOING TO EVER BUY A VEHICLE THAT REQUIRES A PAYMENT AGAIN!!! (I hope:o) !)

10. We have been eating the garden produce my mother worked so hard to grow before her stroke. The veggies are so good, good for us, and at no charge.

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Tori said...

Those are some wonderfully frugal things to do. Great going!!

Mom2fur said...

You are totally my frugal hero, you know that?

Pen Pen said...

A truly frugal mindset will carry you through even when you don't have time to think about it!

Elizabeth Sue said...

Sorry to hear about your momma dear one! I will be praying for her...Stop by my blog sometime!

Niki said...

great job!


The Nest Egg said...

You seriously keep me motivated! :)

We have something in common. I to paid off my car last month! Yea! It sure feels good doesn't it?

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