Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Gift Closet Ideas

Now is a good time to be restocking your gift closet!

I was invited to a party this weekend, a pig pickin to be exact, for my good friend who was turning 50 that day and for her two children who both were graduating from college. I wanted to take a little gift for each of them.

My plan was to make a tote bag for each of the two graduates and buy some chocolate for my friend who loves chocolate. I made the bags Saturday, but wasn't quite satisfied with the gifts.

So, after church on Sunday I stopped in one of my local Dollar General stores just to see what they had and found some great Christian books that would make wonderful graduation, birthday or other gifts! That's the thing about Dollar General and Dollar Tree. You never know what you'll find. Sometimes I am amazed at the things they have.

I purchased three hardback books by Max Lucado entitled, "Every Day Deserves A Chance" for $4.00 each. With this addition, my gifts turned out very nice. I folded the tote bags up to be the same size as the books, wrapped them in tissue paper and placed them in a gift bag (recycled, of course!).

I also purchased for myself two paper back Books for $3.00 each. One is called, "When God Winks At You" and the other one is a daily devotional book called "Amazing Freedom, a Women of Faith Book". I have been devouring both of these and love them.

I'm having camera problems this morning, so I can't show you a picture of the books, but I'm going to try to add them to my favorites on the Amazon Widget on the sidebar.

I am going back to Dollar General to purchase more of these books for my neighbor who just lost her brother and for another friend of mine who loves Max Lucado books. I don't want to be greedy, but I would also love to purchase some of these books for my gift closet.

They would make great gifts for someone who is sick or for someone with a death in the family or for many other occasions. Its so nice to be able to take a little gift to someone who is in the hospital or has suffered a loss of some kind, without having to go out and find it at the last minute. Just go into your gift closet and get something.

So check at your Dollar General to see if they have these books in stock. Most of the Dollar General Stores carry the same items, you just have to look around or ask the clerk if they have them.

If you don't have a Dollar General Store or if yours doesn't have these books, you could also find great gift quality books at yard sales and thrift stores to stock your gift closet with. Just keep your eyes open!

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The Nest Egg said...

I'll have to go check that out! Thanks!


Cyndy said...

I'm going to check out our local Dollar Tree and see what they have! Thank you for a great idea!

Pen Pen said...

The books sound wonderful and your friends will love their gifts. You are so thoughtful. I would love to start a gift closet and have been thinking of trying to start Christmas shopping early. (can you believe I would be thinking of Christmas already???)

Alexandra said...

I love Dollar General! Great buys on the gifts, and that pig pickin'sounds sooo good. We used to have a quite a few N.C. barbecue places around here, but for some reason a lot of them shut down.

Jack's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh! my husband just came in this past thursday night and surprised me with a little gift - the "Amazing Freedom" devotional book you mentioned! I've already devoured it and thought it was AWESOME. It was really encouraging. :) I just had to respond when I saw you mention it here!

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