Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Freezer Tips

I am in the menu planning, stocking up, limiting grocery store trips MODE lately!!!

One area of my home that really needs help is my freezer. Our chest freezer is located in the garage and right now has only a few outdated and freezer burned items in the very bottom. (Old deer meat and frozen corn, YUCK!)

We are paying for the electricity to run the freezer and to be frugal and a good steward of God's provisions, I really need to start taking advantage of our freezer.

My plan is to clean it out, defrost it and start over completely. The summer months are coming which is the perfect time for stocking up the freezer with vegetables. Also any good meat deals.

These are some ideas I have:

1. Defrost and clean the freezer regularly.

2. Label and date all foods.

3. With the date on there it will be easy to keep rotating the foods in order to use the oldest ones first.

4. Double recipes for foods that freeze well.

5. Buy in bulk those meats, cheeses, etc. that are on sale at an unbeatable price.

6. Educate myself on what freezes well, how long it can be kept frozen, etc.

7. Experiment with freezer cooking until I come up with some recipes that we like from the freezer.

8. Purchase containers for freezing items at yard sales and thrift stores.

9. Organize the freezer with like items together, using plastic containers, etc.

10. I did a google search of freezer tips and came across these two sites which I plan to go back to later when time allows. Thought you'd like to visit them too:

Love Food, Hate Waste

Stella's Kitchen

Please visit Tammy's Recipes for more kitchen tips!


Pen Pen said...

Good tips! I've been thinking lately about being a good steward too. If I treat my finances as seriously as I treat my job, I can just imagine how much better off we'd be in that department. Now that I have all this free time on my hands, I'm going to try to get serious about it! Thanks for the tips!

Joy said...

Having out of date food in my freezer is a challenge too. We now have an upright freezer, which helps a lot, but some things still get lost in the back there!

I've heard of people who also write a list of what is in their freezer, stick it on the outside and tick off as they take things out. This has always seemed to just take too much time for me, but I might still try it one day.

Thanks for the links, I've found some good tips already!



Mom2fur said...

Here's another one for you, sweetie...check how much room you have in your freezer BEFORE you come home with 5 bags of BOGO goodies, LOL! I did that today and had to do an awful lot of rearranging.

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