Friday, May 16, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

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This week I have been making more clothespin bags, using a different kind of embellishment for the opening. I have been finishing the opening the same as if I were making a quilt binding. The opening ends up looking like this:

The way I did this was to cut two strips of the lining fabric three inches wide and 14 inches wide (or the width of the bag you are making)and folded them in half. With raw edges together I sewed across the edges of the fabric that form the opening of the bag. Then fold the strip over to the back, press and machine stitch straight across from the back. From the front it is about 1/4 inch from the seam. I did this for both edges of the opening before sewing the bag together. Then I zigzagged about 2 inches on each side. After that I continued on with the normal construction of the bag.

This is another clothespin bag I made with this style of opening:

I've got many plans in mind for my weekend sewing, knowing full well I won't get most of them done! This is one combination of fabric for a child's purse I would like to make soon. The Strawberry Shortcake fabric was in a box of fabric given to me by a friend and I purchased 1/2 yard of the lavender swirly fabric just because I liked it and thought it would be cute as the lining.

I have had a request for a pocketbook made with watermelon fabric with a zipper in the top. I'm not very experienced at putting in zippers but, time allowing, would like to work on that!

I also want to make a smaller bag for myself and gifts for a function I am attending this weekend for a friend. Its her 50th birthday celebration and the celebration of her two children's graduations. One is graduating from college and one is graduating from the local Community College with an associates degree and is going on to a four year college in the fall.

I don't think I'll get all this done, plus make some more clothespin bags for my shop!!!!! But it'll be fun trying....


Terri & Crew said...


I love it! The fabric choices are amazing. I was showing dh the bag you sent me and was just so amazed at the quality of workmanship. Good job!

Susan said...

You stay so busy! I love your clothespin bags.

Ginny said...

Wonderful bags. I love your fabric combinations. You are very creative.

Ginny said...

Wonderful bags. I love your fabric combinations. You are so creative.

Mom2fur said...

I'll say it again--I need a clothesline, just 'cause your bags are so cute!
Strawberry Shortcake...glad to see she's back again, but I'm waiting for the return of Rainbow Brite!

Rhonda in OK said...

I love that laundry fabric for the first clothespin bag, it is so appropriate!

Hope you have time to gets lots done this weekend.

momawake said...

I love the fabric choices!
I know what you mean by having sewing plans. There are just way too many cute fabrics out there and they all seem to make it to my house. ;)

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