Friday, May 16, 2008

Frugal Friday - No Grocery Shopping Update

Well I made it a whole week without going to the grocery store, not even to pick up something I forgot!!!! This is a major accomplishment for me because we are always running in the store to pick up something we forgot or to get something to cook for supper because of poor planning. AND you know that if you go in for one item, you're going to spend more money than you intended!

I was so tempted to just make a couple of little runs to the grocery store, but I managed to resist and MAKE DO!

There were a few things I ran out of or would have liked to buy, but managed to get by without going shopping as follows:

1. One of my recipes for the week called for self-rising flour. I only had plain flour on hand. I knew the only difference was baking powder and salt, but how much?! I located a cookbook that gave the amounts and I was able to complete the recipe without going to the grocery store. It turned out just as good as if I had the self rising flour.

2. I ran out of coffee filters! The first morning I folded up a paper towel and that works ok, but I don't really like to do that. I remembered that at work in the storage closet we had a stack of coffee filters someone bought a long time ago that don't fit our office coffee maker and were destined to be thrown away. I obtained the appropriate permission and took these home. Not only do they work for my coffee maker at home, they were saved from the trash can.

3. I used all the shredded Cheddar and mozzarella cheese that I had on hand in recipes this week. That's ok. I simply won't make any recipes this week that call for cheese. No lasagna, pizza or Mexican chicken! There are lots of other recipes that I can make without cheese.

4. Our milk and bread lasted all week, but I will be going today or tomorrow to restock that. Next time I will buy double and freeze one week's worth. That would have kept me out of the grocery store all together.

I'm already working on my menu for next week. I was scoping out my pantry this morning and noticed we have lots of beans and tomatoes in there so naturally we're going to be having chili at for at least one meal. Vegetable soup might be another one that I already have all the ingredients for as well!

For more Frugal Friday tips to to the BIBLICAL WOMANHOOD BLOG!


The Happy Housewife said...

This is great. I don't think I could stretch it a whole week, but I try to push my trips back a few days each week. Sometimes that allows me to make 3 trips a month rather than four. Every little bit helps! Great job!

Mama said...

This was my first week for pushing out grocery shopping for a week too. Like you I was really amazing at all the solutions I found, by having to find them - versus just throwing money at the problem - like your coffee filter situation. I like it! In a couple weeks, I'm going to try to get us on teh every 2 week plan also, like you are saying. I'll book mark you and check back, to see if you have tips for that transition. I plan to freeze milk too - it's the fresh fruit and veg's I'm worried about. Thoughts there?

sweetiepie said...

I so can relate to this post. I went to the store the other day with 3 things on my list and came out with $65 in groceries! The cashier asked if I had found everything ok. Uh, yeah, and then some!

Tara said...

That happens to us all the time! I tell my husband to stop by the store and pick up some diapers he comes home with all these OTHER things. I really think its just like breaking a habit.. once you get out of all the little trips to the store.. you realize how you can survive.. lol

AmyR said...

You did great! I'm proud of you! What self-restraint! I needed this reminder! I feel like, lately, I'm going to the store 3-4 times per week, what a waste! Gas, extras we don't NEED, and of course, shopping with three kids is a barrel of fun! : )

Candace said...

Great job! You should feel really good about being so resourceful!

Pen Pen said...

You did great... I'm proud of you for using the paper towel for a coffee filter. I would have given up right then and there and made my trip to the store. You should keep your eyes open for a reusable filter to use when you run out of paper filters. We have one, that I don't really love, but it's nice to have in a pinch.

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