Friday, May 2, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

Happy Friday to each of you!!!

We have an exciting Saturday coming up with a special family celebration going on in Raleigh. To make it even more fun, my daughter lives on the way and we'll be stopping in to see her, her hubby and my grandbaby.

This is what I've been doing this week in the sewing area:

My daughter has a new couch so she was on the lookout for new curtains and pillows to match. She found some fabric shower curtains EXACTLY like the color and design she wanted. Did she let the fact that they were shower curtains stop her?!!! NO. She purchased the curtains, cut them in half and asked me to hem the cut edges. The fabric was a little stiff, so it was extremely easy to sew. I just turned the edge over twice, pressed it, and sewed. The edge I sewed looked better than the other seam that came from the factory!!! LOL.

She bought an extra curtain to make pillows from. She brought the extra curtain and one of the pillows from her old couch to me and I whipped up an envelope back pillow for it in no time.

This type of cover is wonderful because all you do is slip your pillow into it. You can take it out easily to wash the cover or change it to another cover any time you want. I do this at Christmas. I have several Christmas pillow covers and I just put them over the throw pillows I already have out. After Christmas I just take them off. They fold up flat and store easily.

All you do is cut the front square (or other shape) the size you need. On the back you will cut two pieces the same width on one side of the pillows. On the other side you will cut wide enough that they will overlap about 3 or 4 inches. Just hem the edges of the overlapping part. Then put right sides together and sew all the away around. Turn and put your pillow in there and admire your handiwork!

My daughter loved the one I did so much she wants me to cover the remaining ones. She also intends to buy a small amount of fabric in another coordinating solid color for more pillows.

I'm so mad at myself for not taking pictures, but it was last Sunday afternoon and it didn't occur to me!!!

Nonetheless, here are some pictures of other projects for the week:

A set of cloth "Sheep and Hearts" napkins for my Etsy Shop:

As you know we live in a rural farming community and my hubby's job puts him in contact with lots of farmers. He has had requests this week for clothespins bags and tote/grocery bags made from strawberries and watermelons fabric. I found this fabric yesterday and purchased 2 yards of each. I already had some fabric that I think will match for the lining and some ribbon for the trim on the clothespin bag openings. Hubby says they are a little loud, but I think the bags will turn out cute and fit the requests.

I sold 2 clothespin bags and 1 set of shopping bags in the Etsy Shop this week and I had a request for another bag like one that sold. So I'll be busy replenishing the shop tonight and this weekend. I also bought some fabric to make myself (and maybe my daughter) a small handbag. The new spring bag I made myself is great, but its really big. I need a smaller one too.

For more Sew Crafty Friday ideas please go to the "The Waiting For Him Blog".


Melinda said...

Pictures another time? :)

Terri & Crew said...

Using shower curtains for pillow coverings is such a good idea! I never would of thought of that. Also, I love the napkins and I think the fabric for the clothespin holders is great. I love the fruity theme :-).


Alexandra said...

Ohhhh, those are pretty enough to eat! I love the watermelon bag.

The Happy Housewife said...

Cute stuff! I need to check out your Etsy shop. I love your fabric choices. Where do you shop?

Mom2fur said...

I bet the shower curtain things will hold up really well. What a great idea!
I'm so glad you'll get to see the kids and the grandbaby tomorrow. Have a great time!

Ginny said...

What a smart idea using the shower curtains for fabric. I bet you could find some deals at the thrift stores. Such cute and sunny napkins and bags. Sure to make dinnertime a pleasure and hanging clothes out seem almost fun. Great job.

Gina said...

Cute! Love the fabric choices!

Pen Pen said...

Your daughter will have to post pic's for us to see... what a great idea to use the shower curtains. I've been eyeing some cheap tablerunners and toying with the idea of making valances for my kitchen. Those watermelon and strawberry fabrics are great.... not too loud... they will love them. Have a great time in Raleigh today!

Martie said...

I like the bags - I will have to stop by the shop - looks like some fun things.


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