Monday, May 26, 2008

A Monday Minute

Hope you are having a good Monday and if you are off work, a good Memorial Day off.

Its a thought provoking day as well as a day off work and the official start of summer. My Dad is 88 this year and I have two living uncles in their eighties who served in World War II. My oldest brother served in Vietnam and my next oldest brother was stationed in Germany at the same time. My oldest brother was drafted and persuaded the younger one to join the army at the same time to prevent the younger one from going to Vietnam. At that time the military wouldn't send two brothers to Vietnam at the same time. This was a hard time for our family, but everyone survived. My brothers' scheme may well have saved the younger one's life!
We are so blessed in our family that I can't think of anyone who has been killed in a war.

Our weekend has been good so far. Its so nice to have some extra time off work to pursue my homemaking dreams! I got off work Friday at noon and am off today. I needed some time to just "be". Part of me is yelling, "Get to work on all this stuff around here that needs doing!" and the other part is softly whispering, "Relax, you need some time to take things slowly...". AAARRGH!

My son and I went to church on Saturday night and my mother very reluctantly stayed home this time due to some health problems. Trust me, it is VERY rare for her to ever miss church!

Yesterday my daughter, son-in-law and grandson came for lunch. We grilled out hotdogs, hamburgers and country style ribs, with all the fixins. We also had more fresh potatoes and salad.

NO ONE ate any salad! There were just too many other favorite foods. We'll be eating salad this week every day to use it up I'm afraid! Food Lion had dark green leaf lettuce for $1.79 a bunch. I chose one that was 2 or 3 times as big as the others on the counter. It is so big it fills up the entire vegetable drawer in my fridge. I got out my salad spinner and washed the leaves as well as I could, dried them in the spinner and placed all the leaves in the paper towel lined vegetable drawer. This kind of lettuce is perfect for sandwiches and salad. I was going to send some home with my daughter, but forgot it!

My grandson is into everything!!! He is crawling and pulling up on everything. The only thing is he hasn't learned that you can't just let go. He's still learning about gravity! Its a job to keep your eyes on him to prevent him from getting hurt. and naps? What's that?

My digital camera totally quit working a few days ago, but my wonderful son-in-law pushed a few buttons on it, reprogrammed it a little and its working again, thank you Lord! This camera is a hand me down from my older sister, who bought a newer model. Its a great camera and I really like it, so I hope it continues to work for a long time. Here is one picture of my grandson from yesterday.


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Pen Pen said...

You had a PERFECT Sunday... food, family, and fun! Your grandson is adorable! I'm glad your son in law got your camera to work again. Otherwise, you would HAVE to run out and buy another, because we would be in withdrawal without your pic's!

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