Monday, May 26, 2008

Menus and Organization

I am still trying to get organized. I keep tweaking my systems (or non-systems) trying to come up with something that will work for me over the long haul. I keep trying to use a combination of Flylady and my own systems. I had a little extra time this weekend and came up with the following:


I'm using the monthly menu printables from the Family Homestead. Nothing is cut in stone! I am constantly marking out, switching around and adding to the menus. But, in some strange way its working. At least I have some kind of guideline. What helps it to work is knowing that I'm probably going to change it. For example, we really need to use up all of the lettuce I bought this past weekend, so we may be eating salad with every meal this week or as the meal itself! These are my tentative menus for this week.

Friday: BBQ ribs, potatoe salad, green beans.

Saturday: Spaghetti, chili, salad, homemade bread. (my son doesn't like beans, so I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce. I divided it into two containers and added beans, chili powder, ours and italian seasonings to his)

Sunday: Grilled out. Hotdogs, hamburgers, ribs, salad, fresh potaotes,

Monday: Chicken Cacciatore, salad, leftovers

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, salad

Wednesday: Pizza, salad

Thursday: Mexican Chicken, salad

Homemaking Dreams Notebook

I have a Homemaking Dreams Notebook. Its a three ring binder with dividers and plastic sleeves in it. The first page is for emergency numbers and non-emergency information. It just occurred to me that I probably should redo it entirely to eliminate any bank account numbers and Social Security Numbers. I have one whole sheet with some of my family's ss#s, drivers' license numbers and bank account numbers. YIKES! I attended a seminar just last week with an hour of identity theft that specifically taught us never to carry these numbers around with you!

My notebook also has a list of our favorite main dishes, side dishes, menus and a list of all the grocery items we might ever buy listed in the order of the layout of our local Food Lion.

The notebook has a complete address book section and a personal section with family pictures, etc.

The newest addition to the notebook is my stockpile inventory. I've listed all the items I am purchasing for my freezer and pantry stockpile. Beside each item is the number on hand. This helps me to know what I need to be on the lookout for and what I have enough of. I just so happened to get a new library book last Friday called "Living Rich By Spending Smart", by Gregory Karp. This book has a whole section on stockpiling. He states to never shop weekly for what you need, but to shop the sales to add to your stockpile. This is the same thing as "The Pantry Principle" in the Tightwad Gazette books.

Journal and Dayminder

I received free in the mail a Dayminder 2008 book. When opened flat, there is an entire month with space to write in information on each day. It fits into my Homemaking Dreams notebook. I have a pocket sized calendar/planner that I keep in my pocketbook to write down appointments, etc. to be transferred to the notebook later.

I also purchased a small spiral bound journal at Dollar General for making notes and lists. In there I've written down the things that I want or need to get done in my day to day life. Here's my first draft of the list:

1. Devotion/Bible reading/church
2. Cleaning
3. Cooking
4. Sewing
5. Exercise
6. Blog
7. Reaching out to family members and others in need.
8. Work responsibilities
9. Yard/garden
10. Christmas planning

Then I thought about how I could manage all these on a weekly basis. I made a list of weekly cleaning jobs that I want to scatter throughout the week. I listed Flylady's cleaning zones.

Then I wrote down what I would "like" to do each night after work to accomplish some of my goals. This is a sample week. It does NOT include morning devotion, blogging, exercise, cooking, etc. that I try to do everyday without benefit of a list.

Sunday: Zone 4 this week is the living room; Write cards, call or visit those in need; Plan menus for the week, Plan any shopping for sales this week (CVS,FoodLion, Walgreens, etc.);

Monday: Declutter/clean in Zone 15 minutes, Sew 30 minutes, do one weekly cleaning chore from list.

Tuesday: Declutter/clean in zone 15 minutes, Sew 30 minutes, do one weekly cleaning chore from list.

Wednesday: Wash and dry a large load of towels, Declutter/clean in zone 15 minutes, sew 30 minutes, do one weekly cleaning chore from list.

Thursday: Declutter/clean in zone for 15 minutes, clean bathrooms, sew thirty minutes.

Friday: Visit my mother/help her with her house cleaning; weekly vacuuming.

Saturday: One hour of cleaning; Laundry; Study Sunday Bible Readings; yardwork; Sewing.

I hope to do a few loads of laundry in the mornings, and there are always lunch hours to do shopping and other errands! Whew!


christy p said...

Love your blog....I have a question for you though. What do you mean by "zones"??? Did I miss an important post somewhere?

Pen Pen said...

You sound so organized to me. I like to make lists too, but then I seem to misplace my list, or forget about it. One of these days, I, too, will be organized!

Anonymous said...

Wow Debbie you have been a busy little bee.

Susan said...

I love how you've made your list for this week of what you want to accomplish each evening. One question: do you get a lot of sewing done in 30 minutes, or do you just get enough done to get a taste of it? I've tried so many times to do big things in 30-minute increments, only to get frustrated to have to stop so soon after I get started. I do use FlyLady's 15-minute principle on my housework. Strange how I never mind stopping my housework to move on to something else! LOL

Anonymous said...

I like your organizing ideas, Debbie - especially about dividing tasks you want to accomplish into your zone work.

Hope you had a nice holiday time off.

Take care, Lyn

The Nest Egg said...

Thanks for metioning the "Family Homestead". I looked over it for a few minutes. The forum looks really good. It covers everything from cooking to crafts/sewing. When I have more time, I'll look it over more. It looks like a site I'm going to love though. Thanks!


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