Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring in the Kitchen

Spring has sprung! It may not look or feel like Spring where you are, but the calendar says so! The kitchen is one area of the home that can reflect the different seasons in special ways. Here are some ideas:

1. Make or purchase some inexpensive Spring dish towels, dish cloths, pot holders, tablecloth, or napkins. If you are like me its about time to replace your dish towels. Mine really look bad, even though they are clean. They have reached the point of no return. I am planning on visiting the Dollar Tree or Dollar General to replace them with some Spring ones. I already have this set in my stash that I'm going to start using.

2. Put away anything in your kitchen that looks like Winter and put out a spring floral arrangement. This could be as simple as putting a $1.00 bunch of silk flowers from the dollar store in a recycled vase or a mason jar. You could tie a ribbon around the mason jar's neck. That sounds so pretty to me because I love "country" type things.

You could use a grapevine wreath you already have by sprucing it up with some spring silk flowers. You might be able to find things in your yard to bring some Spring inside. This is a small grape vine wreath I made a few years ago decorated with my favorite kind of flowers. I use it year round.

3. Its time to plant some early cool weather garden plants. Don't have a garden? A flower pot will do! You could plant a small "kitchen garden" near your back door with lettuce, carrots, cabbage, etc. It would be so nice to be able to pick a few fresh, organic sprigs of food to go with your meals. One of my blogger friends posted that she had a small pot with a head of lettuce in it. She would pick a leaf or two from the bottom of the plant to put on sandwiches. The plant would continue to grow and produce.

If you have space for a garden, its time to get that going too!

4. If you like candles, start burning those that have Spring and Summer scents.

5. A topic of discussion while your family is around the dinner table could be what you are going to do this summer. Do you want to go on a vacation? Do you want to hang out at home all summer? Do you have plans for your children to attend day camps or have special tutoring? Sometimes planning fun things is half the fun!

What ways are you reflecting Spring in your home?

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topaztook said...

We're using the placemats with tulips on them...while watching snow swirls -- winter just won't let go this year.

Mimi said...

I love jazzing up the kitchen with flower and herb themed napkins, arrangements, and knick knacks. I found some gorgeous herb print serving pieces at ralphs marked down to 75% off,and they all have the herbs in bloom. Great post!

Mom2fur said...

Well, I changed over from a valance with poinsettias, to one with cherries. But you know that already, LOL, from visiting my blog. I've had Easter decor up, but will soon be replacing it. Might be time to get some Gerbera daisies!

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