Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joy in the Every Dayness of Life

When I was thinking about what I would write in this post about my weekend, I realized that I do much the same thing every weekend. Then it occurred to me that it is in the every dayness of life that we find joy. There might not be huge excitement all that often, but when we look back at our lives, its the things we do everyday that made a difference in our lives and those we love. Sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, going to church.... all these things make up the fiber of my life.

So here's what I did this weekend!

Saturday I did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms extra well. Exciting, huh?

In between doing those things I sewed and cooked.

My sewing produced another John Deere Pocketbook, more grocery bags and a clothes pin bag for my shop. Here are some pictures:

Saturday was a rainy day and I loved it! It literally poured all day and I was able to stay home all day. I put on my inspirational piano music cds and just enjoyed being home. This is a picture of rain pouring off the roof on to some blooming azaleas.

Today we went to church and had a very nice service. Our Gospel reading was about the Road to Emmaus. An interesting thought, the unnamed disciple could have been a woman! Who else would have rushed back and talked about all the details!

We celebrated my son's 21st birthday some more!

My grandbaby is growing!

Hope your weekend was a joy, even if it was an every day weekend!


The Nest Egg said...

I also love to be able to stay home and enjoy my day when its raining or snowing. Sounds like you were very productive.

That grandbaby is sure getting big!!!


Spider Lady said...

Sounds like a busy and productive weekend.

Pen Pen said...

Your weekend sounds perfect to me! A weekend of doing just what you love! Your little one is really growing up.... love all the slobber on his chin... and his eyelashes make me jealous. Beautiful child! Your son is really cute and is blessed to have such a wonderful family to celebrate his big birthday! I also love the trim you put on the J.D. pocketbook.

Tracy said...

Hello Debbie,

I received my grocery bags today that you sent for Elizabeth. Thank you! They're very nice!

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