Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Part III

Stop and consider God's wonders. Job 37:14

My thankful Thursday keeps getting better and better!

My Fabric Fairy came to my office and brought me a bag full of large size pieces of fabric that she can't use and also gave me a brief lesson on sewing zippers into hand bags!

One reason she gives me so much fabric is that other people give it to her. She makes dresses for little girls in Haiti through her women's group at her church and some of the fabric that is donated to her isn't appropriate for that purpose. So I am the lucky recipient of the unwanted fabric.

I already see several possibilities for great projects in this bag. Especially, a piece of green and yellow plaid that is exactly the same colors as the John Deere Fabric used in the hand bag that the farmer bought this morning. I think it would be fitting for me to make another bag to donate to his church's auction. You know you just can't out-give the Lord!

Then as I was out and about at lunch my cell phone rang and my FH wanted to take me out for lunch! We have a new Arby's in the small town I work in and we went there. I love their roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. My FH got a pecan chicken salad sandwich and it look really good too!

Thanks to my fabric fairy, my FH, and most of all THANK YOU LORD!


Tracy said...

What a perfect frugal way to enjoy crafts that use fabric. All the fun and very little expense!

Btw, I love your 'By the Sea' bag. It is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My friend Heidi told me of your blog. Loved her bag, btw. Have you thought of doing a small size "diaper tote" for boys. Something for church nursery just to hold a couple diapers and a cup? Maybe a camo type print. I would be interested in that.

Peggy said...

don't you just love getting unexpected items to craft with! Sounds like you had a awesome day

Pen Pen said...

You can't get much more frugal that that... free fabric. Yes, you are blessed!

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