Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dave the Dog

This is Dave, our dog, hitting the books!!! The notebook his head is on contains hubby's business bank statements, check stubs, etc. I was supposed to be working on this as a big deadline approaches, but sewing, blogging and ebaying are so much more fun... At his back end is the howling wolves quilt I gave to him for a doggie bed. I made the mistake of trying to make him lay on it and now he despises it! I put it in his favorite sleeping spot and he avoids it as much as he can. He would rather lie on the notebook than the quilt.

Input requested: Dave is really old now and has always been a house dog. He has always been perfectly house trained. For about a month he has been having a lot of accidents. As in puddles on the floor. We take him out as much as we can, but it is inevitable that he will have to go for a few hours during the work day without going outside. Its sad for animals to get old. I know he can't help it. He is also almost completely deaf. I'm thinking I need to put him in the laundry room during the day and at night so at least the floor would be easy to clean up. What should I do? He could live for years like this.


Blue Sky said...

Mama I wish I had more advice! Maybe Doggie Diapers? I'd like to share with everyone how old Dave is. He has been WELL taken care of and WELL loved. He has been a great pet for 15 years. Is that right? That's 105 in human years!

Kim said...

Dave is a cutie! Sheltie? We considered that breed when looking for our little companion. The girl who cuts my hair has a 15 year old Shih-Tzu who is blind and having bladder control problems. She started leaving her in a small area in the garage and using puppy pads.

Rhonda in OK said...

I have no advice, just sympathy from one dog lover to another. Our dog is only 5 years old and very healthy, but I already sometimes worry about what will happen as Theo ages.

best wishes to you!

I think the laundry room would be fine if he will be comfortable there.

Pen Pen said...

Poor Dave... he is truly well loved. If he "uses" the same area, you could try puppy pads. But if he doesn't have control, those might not help much. I'm sure he will enjoy the laundry room just fine. He can sleep in his little spot all day (just like a lot of old people do!)

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