Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New and Improved Diaper

I made 2 fitted cloth diapers for my daughter in newborn size shown here. The baby has outgrown them and I wanted to experiment a little with the pattern to hopefully make it more adjustable for his growth and also to fit better. This is why I didn't make a whole bunch of them before the baby was born and I also wanted to make sure she was really going to use cloth diapers!

Well, she is using cloth diapers and doing a great job at it! She has 2 posts on her blog recently explaining all about her cloth diapering experience here and here. These posts are also featured on a website called: http://www.clothdiapernews.com/.

Yesterday I was able to do a little sewing since I had a day off from work for Veteran's Day. So I made one more diaper to try on sweet grandbaby.

This is the outside.

This is the inside.

This is how it will look on the baby.

If I can get the pattern right, I plan to make several for my sweet grandbaby. I used a wash cloth folded into thirds for the soaker pad in this one. My intention is to find some microfiber towels to use for soaker pads because they hold a lot of liquid.

Maybe I can make some from other fabric that doesn't have frogs on it! Actually it doesn't matter what the fabric is because the cute part will be covered up with waterproof pants anyway, but the frogs are kind of cute! I thought it was interesting that the camouflage frogs part is on the inside where it can camouflage any stains. But, so far my daughter says her diapers aren't getting any stains on them. How cool is that?


Littlepenpen said...

Way cool! I am very fond of the froggie prints. What type of fabric is that... flannel? It looks very comfy!

Blue Sky said...

Oohh I can't wait to use them!! Looks good!!

Western Warmth family said...

oh, I'd love to try this.

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