Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Sewing

This wonderfully cool October day began at my house early, as usual. My husband and I went to eat breakfast at a family owned small town restaurant like you would see on the Andy Griffith Show or read about in a Mitford Series book. The people who eat there see each other almost every day and its like a big family. There certainly are some unique personalities there.

After eating my breakfast of a huge pancake and huge link sausage, I went to a grocery store to purchase some sale meats and came back home. I roasted some chicken in the oven and made meatloaf, string beans and mashed potatoes. The chicken is for tomorrow. We ate the meatloaf for lunch today.

I hung out three lines full of clothes, mostly every body's sheets, and did some basic cleaning until after lunch.

I wanted to make some cloth diaper wipes from some new flannel fabric I purchased this week. The fabric is camouflage with frogs on it. The colors will camouflage any stains!!! LOL. Dylan has a froggie theme going on.

I discussed the wipes with my daughter and we decided that 8 inch square would be a good size. I experimented with different ways of sewing the edges to keep them from raveling. I considered making the wipes double layered, but felt the thinner ones would be better and I would be able to make twice as many with the same amount of fabric.

I tried to zig zag close to the edge, but that didn't exactly give me the desired result. Then I turned under the edges 1/4 inch and just sewed it all around. I wasn't sure if that would keep the edges from raveling either.

Then I pressed under 1/4 inch all around and zig zagged it down. I liked it!!! The test will be how well they wash and dry!!! We'll see.

Here is a picture of the ten I made this afternoon.

I also worked on a fabric baby book using scraps and left over quilt batting. Its a wild animal book with bright colors for the baby to look at He can chew on it, roll over on it or what ever and it can just be thrown in the washing machine.

This is the front of the book and a couple of pages in it. You might recognise the Jungle Babies fabric I used on the front:o)

I think a cute baby gift would be to make a baby quilt and either of these projects in a matching fabric. Or a Couple of matching burp cloths, some baby wash cloths and a baby fabric book would be really sweet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, The book a adorable! I also made some baby wipes out of flannel for my daughter. I serged the edges but I have made napkins and did the folded edge and they work just fine. Happy sewing!


Joy said...

That froggy fabric is so cute!! And I love the idea of making the book. Oh, too many ideas, too little time!

Mom2fur said...

Those wipes are hysterical! And I love the idea of using a print fabric to make a cloth baby book. It's really clever!

WesternWarmth said...

Yes, I prefer my cloth wipes with just one layer of flannel. I made some with two and it makes them a little thicker than is useful. Cute fabric! You are such a helpful grandma.

Littlepenpen said...

You are a wonderful grandma! Those little froggie wipes are so cute and will help to save $$$. Your morning breakfast at the small town restaurant sounds like fun, too.

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