Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frugal Friday


As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I have a friend who gives me lots of bags and boxes of scrap fabric. Sometimes there are scraps from fairly new fabric. Sometimes there are large pieces, enough for a large project. I also love the tiniest scrap of one design. Sometimes there are really old (kind of ugly) scraps that I would call vintage or retro, in the boxes. Some of the above fabric still has a yellow tag stapled on it that says Sears Roebuck and Company. I wouldn't be surprized if some of them are from the 50s or 60s. Some of it looks like "feed sack" material like my Grandmother used to make quilts!

Everybody has access to scraps, even if you don't sew. There are scraps to be had from old clothing, curtains, the remnant bin at the fabric store and friends who do sew!

But there are many other ways to make frugal use of those scraps besides quilting, even if you don't sew!

I found two great sites here and here that give GREAT ways to use those scraps!

Some of them include:

1. Of course, scrap quilts

2. Napkins, placemats and coasters (See these Coasters)

3. Fabric covered boxes (I plan to do this!)

4. Aprons

5. Pillows

6. Rice Filled Heating Pads (See my post here)

7. Gift wrap (I plan to do this!)

8. Making bags such as laundry bags, grocery bags, gift bags

9. Making purses

10. Children's wall hangings.

11. Pillow Cases

12. Pet Beds

13. Table Runners

14. Draft Stops

15. Braided rugs, coasters and trivets. (I plan to do this, too!) (see this post)

16. Mouse Mat Covers (Gotta do these)

If you have an idea that I haven't listed please leave a comment telling me about it!

I can hardly contain my excitement thinking about trying some of these things.

Be sure to go to for many other frugal ideas!
Also don't miss my daughter's new blog, Super Mommies Unite, where she is going to share the joys of being a new wife, mother, and frugal homemaker.


Littlepenpen said...

What a lucky treasure you received! I can't even remember when Sears and Roebuck sold fabric! How cool! I'm sure you will think of something wonderful to do with all that vintage fabric.

Bethany Sue, CFO said...

As always Debbie your posts are so great.

LinesFromTheVine said...

Thanks for all the ideas! My mother just sent us a big bag of scraps and I've been looking for uses- thank you!


Rhonda in OK said...

Nice stash, I especially like the 60s and 70s looking prints in the back left.
Thanks for the links, I will be looking at them

Mom2fur said...

I've never heard of a mouse mat cover...what a great idea! I love learning of new things to do with fabric scraps.
Don't forget baby bibs!
Oh, and here's another one. Years ago, my mother would cut out the word JOY in letters about 8 inches high, one color for each letter. She would sew and stuff them, and then sew the 3 letter pillows together. She'd put a loop on the back for hanging. It was originally meant to be a Christmas design, but in pastels it became a unique baby gift that everyone loved!

Sherry said...

Lots of good ideas, and you can use many of these with beginning sewers.

Erin said...

Similar to the rice filled heating pad (which is a necessity in our house!) use a silkier material and fill with flax seed for a luxurious eye pillow. Easy, cheap, and pampering!

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