Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rice Filled Heating Pads

Thanks Coleen for the question. Here are a few of the rice filled heating pads (we call them cuddle buddies) I've made lately.

I got started making these heating pads 2 Christmases ago. At my church everybody who wanted to participate was given $10.00. We could keep the money or use it to make more money to give back to the church. Our scripture reading that Sunday was about the servants and the talents. See Matthew 25, verses 14-30 and Luke 19, verses 11- 27.

I thought and thought of a way to invest the $10. Since I like to sew, I looked for something on line and I found the instructions for these here:

I used the initial $10 to buy rice, lavender buds and gallon size storage bags. I had plenty of fabric scraps on hand, so I didn't need to buy that. I made a lot of them from Christmas fabric. My husband is a great salesman and we decided to sell them for just $3.00, so they would be easy to sell. I kept reinvesting the money we earned and we ended up making almost $200.00 from that original $10.00. All of the money the people of the church earned was sent to El Salvador to an orphanage.

So now I am making more of them for gifts. I've already given away 6. They are really nice when the weather gets cooler. In really cold weather I like to heat mine up and put my feet on it or put it in the bed before bedtime. My husband likes his on his knee. My good friend and co-worker uses it at work on her neck. It molds around whatever body part you need to soothe. I've been told they are good to freeze and use for an ice pack or to put on a sinus headache.


WesternWarmth said...

I made myself one of these stuffed with whole wheat berries (I have hundreds of pounds of whole wheat in my food storage). It works the same way, and I used it to hold on my belly during contractions in labor. It was great. I need to make myself a new one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Debbie for the info. I love it when I find a blogger that loves to sew as much as I do. I'm always looking for nice gifts to make inexpensively. Again thanks!!

Littlepenpen said...

I made several of these years ago and used them for gifts. I had two or three for myself, but can no longer find one around here. I may have to make me up another one soon!

Rhonda in OK said...

I have a bunch of cheap rice stored in my pantry that we don't like to eat so using it to make these bags sounds like a perfect way to make a bunch of these for "free" gifts.

I have a question though, you said you bought gallon storage bags but I can't see in the instructions how they are used in these pads, hope you will let me know if I am missing something.

Joy said...

You've been busy, Debbie! I love the rice pads. Thanks for the link, I'll do some as well.
It's good to be back and catch up on your posts, I've been enjoying them with a cup of tea :)

Kacie said...

Beautiful! I should add lavender buds. Yours would make great gifts. Maybe I should do that this Christmas. I'm sure family would like a pretty rice pack, rather than an old sock full of rice :)

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