Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Yellow and Blue Quilt

These are larger pictures of the yellow and blue quilt that has been on my side bar for a couple of weeks. I made this quilt 3 or 4 years ago. I need to do a better job of documenting my quilts. I started a little photo album with some of them in it, but need to do a record with the date and pattern, etc.

When I was looking for a pattern for this quilt, I wanted to do a yellow and blue quilt. I found this pattern on line:

It seemed to be exactly what I had in mind and is one of my favorite quilts. Even though it looks like a summer or spring quilt, we use it in the winter because it is heavier than some of the quilts I have made.

I also made matching pillow cases from the left over fabric that you can see in the picture of the bed. I still have a good amount of leftover scraps from this quilt. These scraps have shown up in some baby quilts that I have made since then. One of them was the "String X Baby Quilt that I have posted about earlier here:


Mom2fur said...

That is just stunning. I think yellow and blue has to be one of the most beautiful color combinations ever...a little restful, and a little cheerful at the same time!
Thanks for your good wishes over at my blog. I feel much better today! My daughter bought me ice cream last night for my throat. Wasn't that sweet? I told her she was my favorite daughter. She didn't buy it...since she's my only daughter!
That must have been hard to have that tube down your throat for so long. I hope that never happens to you again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandma,
Had to come by the office to pick up some books I needed this morning. I Love You!

Joy said...

I love that combination and the pattern. I wanted to do a yellow and blue quilt for ages - it is just so cheerful. I finally started one about a month ago.... who knows when I will finish! When I do, I'll post a photo :)



rhonda jean said...

hello debbie, thank you for stopping by my blog. You're a very talented quilter, that design is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Debbie -- your quilt is beautiful and is very similar to one I have. (I wish I could say I made mine, but I didn't.) Great job! -- Ruth

PS: I just realized today that your blog now allows "anonymous" comments. :)

Littlepenpen said...

This is a beautiful quilt. You are very talented. The colors are gorgeous... I love blue and yellow and blue and white combinations. The pillowcases add a wonderful touch.

Elizabeth said...

Hi debbie,
This is so beautiful. You do great work.

ancient one said...

Love your quilt. I have a yellow and other colors that Little Penpen made. Its one of my favorites!!

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