Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is one corner of my yard that has beautiful blooming plants right now, but boy do these colors clash!!! The rose bush was given to me by my husband when we first met and the name of it is "Don Juan"! The crape myrtle tree was just a sprout I dug up at the family graveyard near my house. If you look carefully in the crape myrtle tree you will see one red rose blooming way up high. It looks like the tree has a rose growing from its branches. We keep Don Juan trimmed, so don't ask me how that one branch got that tall. The hibiscus bush grows right under the tree and was given to me by my Mama this year. She ordered it from a catalog.


Littlepenpen said...

You still have pretty color in your yard even though it's been so dry. Your grass looks GREEN; do you water? Ours is absolutely sad! I can see in the background that the corn has been cut.... Fall is definitely on its way!

ancient one said...

You're right ... we have some of the same flowers.. I think I have a red volunteer rose bush... the rose bush next to it was yellow roses, but it is about gone... My GS told me he was sure the yellow part of the rose bush had been grafted onto some stronger rose roots ... he told me it was a hybrid and that's why I couldn't root any branches and expect yellow roses.. he must be right as all these strange little red rose bushes are appearing as the yellow one dies out.

I had the yellow bush for years. Given to me one mother's day. I think I'll buy me another one. I love yellow roses..(and I've never even been to TEXAS LOL)

Love your flowers!!

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