Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lucky the Cat

This is Lucky, the tomcat. I don't think we need a paternity test to decide who these kittens belong to!!!
As you can see Lucky is holding up a sore paw. He injured it in his latest tomcat fight. He will take on any cat, any time, anywhere. I saw him and another cat going round and round, kicking up a dust tornado yesterday, so I guess that's when he got his sore paw.
You may ask why his name is lucky. Its not what you My husband cranked up his truck one winter and a little black and white kitten came flying out from the motor. The truck had to go to the repair shop, but Lucky was fine. He came walking up a few minutes later.
You also might ask why we don't have Lucky neutered. Well, the picture above shows you how close you can get to Lucky, no closer. He talks to me and follows me around, but no touching!!!

1 comment:

Littlepenpen said...

How Cute! We've had cats in the car motor before too.

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