Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Odds N Ends

We are extremely busy at work lately!!! That's good for job security, but I always wonder why in all aspects of life, everything comes in batches. Sometimes you have a lot to do and sometimes you don't. I have learned to enjoy the slow times, because you know what's right around the corner.... pure bedlam!!!!

I am still trying to get everthing organized in my life. Am I just lazy, or is this normal? Every day I still have to decide what's for supper, try to do some housework/laundry, etc. If I would just make myself plan ahead!!!!

Anyway, I'm still trying to use what I have on hand. We have yellow squash, eggplants, tomatos, lettuce, and various kinds of leftovers. So I went to Food Lion at lunch and bought some bacon. I plan to make BLTs which my guys love. This will use up the tomatos that are quickly getting too ripe and the lettuce I bought Saturday that I don't want to go to waste.

I also plan to make some baked squash from a recipe in my "Not Just Beans Cookbook". You cook a few slices of bacon in the oven and then bake the halved sqush face down in the bacon grease. Then you sprinkle a little brown sugar, crumbled up bacon, salt and pepper to taste on top. If we like this recipe I'll post it here.

Also, in the same cookbook, there's a squash recipe called "Mexican Squash" that uses squash, tomatos and corn that I should try. Its a shame to let this garden bounty go to waste. (not to mention a down right sin!) I absolutely love squash when it first starts producing, but after a while, I'm not so interested.

This morning before leaving for work I did the following: Did my Bible Reading for the day, washed and dried one load of laundry, made a gallon of iced tea, vacuumed the kitchen/laundry room area, damp mopped the kitchen, finished organizing my coupons, remembered to make a sandwhich for my lunch :o), got dressed for work and got to work on time (well 2 minutes late). I stopped at McDonalds to get a sausage burrito. I should have made a scrambled egg sandwhich at home, which would have helped use up the eggs in the fridge before they expire and would have saved a little $$$. I'll remember that tomorrow.

I'm doing better with not letting food go to waste. Even if we don't eat the produce, my son has 7 goats who will take care of it. They especially like fruit like peach peelings and grapes. I guess we really don't completely waste too much, because the throw aways get given to the animals. We have some farm cats that help with that too!

Well, my daughter has one month to go before the baby arrives! She is getting pretty far along and is going through the typical "hot and miserable" stage. I pray for her health and the baby's health. I wish I could deliver the baby for her, but she'll be fine, once its all over. She's going to the doctor weekly now. I'll keep you posted about her progress!!!

Debbie J.


Mom2fur said...

First, congratulations on your soon-to-be-here grandbaby! I hope all goes well. Believe me, my heart goes out to your daughter, being so very pregnant in the summer!
You are not lazy if you don't have things organized. Anything but. If you weren't doing that wouldn't have much to organize, right?
I don't plan my menus every week, but when I do it's usually on Sunday afternoon, when I do my coupon organizing and make my grocery shopping plans. I think if you do just one 'organization thing,' making up a weekly menu is the best. Then you can buy what you need all in one or two trips. You could even do some prep work ahead of time. That's how Rachael Ray does her 30 minute meals--she's smart enough to have chopped, sliced and washed her produce in one session. (BTW, don't wash berries until you use them. Makes them icky and moldy).

Hey, I want some goats, too! Sounds like nothing could ever go to waste with a goat.

Oh, and thanks for the link to the swap you gave me over at my blog. You're a doll! I checked it out and it's just my speed. Thanks!

Littlepenpen said...

Wow, Debbie J, you must get up four hours before work to get all that stuff done! We are still at the beach and I am so lazy and enjoying every minute of it. I can read the blogs but don't know how to check my email from here. (don't know the official password) Anyway, I have managed to embroider a little on my blocks, but ran out of black floss. A trip to Wal Mart is in order for this afternoon. My dad has goats too, so he never has to worry about wasting garden produce either. I've been eating tomato sandwiches all week... so yummy! I love reading your blogs as I truly believe you and I are "kindred spirits!" (I absolutely LOVE McDonald's sausage burritos!)

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