Saturday, July 21, 2007

Weekend Trip

We're going away overnight! Its been a long time since we went anywhere and I am very excited. I love to ride off with my sweetie. We are going to Wilkesboro to visit my sister in law and brother in law, and possibly on to their cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Its a four hour drive to Wilkesboro and then about another hour to the cabin.

I am taking coupons and my coupon organizer to work on while riding. I am way behind on keeping them up to date. I haven't even set foot in CVS or Walgreens in 2 weeks! I just know I have missed some deals, but haven't had time to go!

I am taking the baby quilt I am needing to finish up. I am doing the quilting on the border which I can do in my lap while riding.

I am also taking my "Not Just Beans Cookbook" and "Dining on a Dime Menu Planner" to study and write down the numbers of menus and recipes I want to use in the near future.

North Carolina is such a great state! We have such a variety of vacation spots, from the beach to the mountains and all in between. Its a part of my soul! Wouldn't ever want to live any where else..... except my heavenly home, but this is almost heaven.

Please pray for the safety of all travelers this weekend, especially in my family. We all seem to be on the road. Lori and Ryan are traveling on their first anniversary trip to the NC Zoo, etc., Jacob is in Williamsburg, Virginia on a little mini vacation, My brother and his wife are traveling to Virginia and we are traveling to western NC.

Thanks in advance for those prayers! Debbie J.


Mom2fur said...

Good for you! I hope you have a wonderful trip.
I hardly ever go away with my husband, and I'm going to try to do that more...even if it is just a night at a nice hotel. My kids are old enough to leave home (17-24) so it wouldn't be hard. We could even do it mid-week and save money.
When they were very little, my wonderful bil and sil took them for a weekend while Mike and I went out to Montauk Point. It was one of the most relaxing weekends ever. I truly think it is good for your health, sanity and maybe even your marriage to get away from the nuttiness of 'life' once in a while.
Enjoy yourselves!

Littlepenpen said...

I hope you had a nice time on your trip! Lori was in my neighborhood... we don't live too far from the zoo. Did you get a lot accomplished on your ride? I usually sleep when I'm riding, especially if we are on the interstate! Yes, NC is a great state! Do you subscribe to Our State magazine? I love it.... I want to visit every place featured in it every month!

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