Friday, July 13, 2007

Frugal Friday

There's a consignment shop near my office that I pass each day when walking. Yesterday I noticed they had an end of summer sale sign. I popped in to check out the baby clothes. They had some little boy clothes for 75% off. There were really cute items that were only $1.50 to begin with and now are less than .50. There were other prices and percentages off too. I didn't have any money with me or the time to make wise choices, so I plan to go back today to get some little boy summer clothes in the size my new grandbaby will probably wear next spring and summer, as well as anything I see that he could wear this year in a 0-3 months size. I will probably need to have some clothes on hand at my house for those visits to grandma and they don't necessarily need to be expensive.

I have also seen 75% off sale signs in the window of my favorite low cost ladies store. Now's the time to inventory our closets to see what we need so when we go to the sale we can make smart choices. It isn't a savings if we just go buy a bunch of stuff because its cheap. For example, I do not need any more black, red or orange/peachy tops. I realized this only when I arranged my closet by color. I have some bottoms that I need tops to match and could come up with several new outfits if I could find the right matches. I have also come to realize that certain colors look better on me than others and I should stop buying those colors that make me look washed out!!

You really save money if you get a clearance sale on prices that are ALREADY low.

The same thing goes for marked down meat at the grocery store. At our Food Lion, they routinely mark down meat that still has several days before the expiration date. But, when you really save money is if you can find meat marked down from an already good sale price. That's the time to stock up and make use of your freezer.
I also found serving trays and platters on clearance at Walmart in the perfect blue shade for the baby shower I am hosting Sunday!!! They were located on the "summer supplies" isle. I plan to store these for the future. I hope to be able to use them to host other baby showers in the future.

So, my Frugal Friday tip for today is take advantage of clearance prices on items that are already reasonably priced!

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Littlepenpen said...

You are so right when you say not to buy things just because they are priced so well. I'm very guilty of that! Then, after I get it home, I think "why did I buy that?" I enjoy all the frugal tips and consider myself fairly frugal, but always want to learn more, as I plan to quit work one day in the near future. (my goal is 3-5 years!)

Alexandra said...

I love those meat mark downs at Food Lion too.

I always need to think twice when I see a sale as well. Just the other day I say some nice shirts for ds marked way down, but then I thought, does he really need more shirts! It was so tempting, but he's got enough to get him through the week.

I just noticed you linked to me, thank you. :) I love you quilts.

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