Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Debbie's Goals Progress

I posted my current goals in the side bar and they keep nagging at me to get SOMETHING DONE! So I thought I'd post about the progress (if any) that I've made.

Declutter, Organize and Clean: I have been working on this, but only out of necessity. In the process of getting ready for the baby shower I have been trying to make sure the house is presentable. The only problem with this is I don't have time to deep clean and organize. This means that I have moved some things out to the garage and stored some things in boxes. It is giving me a start and I want to make a list of the things that need to be done this fall, after the baby shower and new baby come and things settle down some. :o)

Exercise: I have been doing better on this, but it comes in bursts. I do really well for about 2 weeks and then don't do anything for a week. Will keep working on it!

Finish Baby Quilt: I have finished the part that requires it to be in a quilting frame and now am working on it in my lap while watching TV. Its nice to have the quilting frame out of the way. I won't have it done by the shower, but as long as its done by the birth of the baby it'll be ok. I have other gifts for my daughter for the shower. Also have already completed several other baby quilts and blankets for out new baby boy!

Lose 10 lbs: I lost 3, probably have gained it back. Will keep working on this one!

Plan and get ready for baby shower: I have made great progress on this which is a good thing since its this SUNDAY! I will be ready without any last minute rush I hope!

Plan Christmas: Nothing on this, except some stocking stuffers that I have been accumulating all year.

Read the Bible through by 12-31-07: I am working on this. I have gotten behind, but hope to catch up. I still have 5 1/2 months!

Spend more time sewing: This will have to wait until after the baby shower and baby arrival too.

Finish NC State Quilt: Not forgotten, but no time right now.

Plan my week each Sunday: I haven't achieved perfection on this, but am working on it! I have been cooking ahead on the weekend and buying what we need for several easy and quick meals during the week. I try to write in my planner each day what needs to be done and bought, etc. I try to get the bills that are due that week ready and in my pocketbook for mailing.

Hopefully soon I can remove a few of these goals as they will be reached!!! Slow and steady wins the race. I try to remember that!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Debbie J.


Littlepenpen said...

It sounds like you are doing a great job to me! At least you are still striving to meet your goals. So many of "us" set goals, only to forget them in a very short time. You sound very motivated to me. (and when your new baby gets here, your exercise level will pick up without you even trying!)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to check in on you. You have been tooo quiet. I watched a good show on decluttering. I bought 2 of the man's books. I plan to post about it next week.
Good luck with your goals. I know you can do it.

ancient one said...

Decluttering is my downfall. What in the world do I save old magazines for... I mean really old...but you know what? Every now and then on a really slow day (which come less and less) I will go to that closet and pull down a stack and sit and look and dream... I keep telling my self to get started doing all the stuff you have listed but I don't!!

I don't get here every day.. but when I do I check out all the blogs up to the last time I was here...we see some glider planes sometimes late in the afternoon...

The shower looked like fun and another one coming up. She should be all set for that new baby boy!!~ann

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