Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hello Summer, come on Fall!!!

Today is the first full day of Summer, but it has felt like Summer around here for weeks. It always surprises me that Summer is just getting here, but It feels like summer already. There are many things I like about Summer, but I'm looking forward to Fall. I love the Fall the most, followed by Winter, Summer and Spring, in that order. I think the reason I don't like Spring as much is that it signals the end of Winter, which I prefer. By the time Summer gets here, I know Fall isn't far behind. I'm really looking forward to NCSU Football, cooler weather, changing leaves, and especially quilting. Quilting is so much nicer in the cooler weather.

Our new grandbaby will be here the end of August, and we will need warm weather clothes for a couple of months, but he will need warmer clothes by the time he is 2 months old.

My weekend plans include working on the quilt I am making him. This will be the third quilt for him. I have also made some receiving blankets, diapers and burp cloths.

I'm still trying to get organized better and stay on top of things.

This morning I was rushing around alot, but managed to put one load of clothes in the washer. I left the lid up so they would agitate, but not drain. This way I could concentrate on other things and not worry about stopping it. Before I left home, I turned it off so the clothes could soak today while I'm at work. When I walk in the door this afternoon I'll turn it back on so it can finish washing. That seems to be a good way for me to get laundry done. The clothes get really clean that way too.

Now is a good time to really think about picking up items for Christmas too.

Happy Summer to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
i am with you. It has been 100% humdity here this week. Ugh. I am ready for our 3 months a year of cool weather.

Joy said...

It is winter here and I am enjoying my quilting! It's also a good time to think about making Christmas gifts - the cold weather just wants me to put on Christmas music and sew stockings! LOL! By the time Christmas arrives in Australia it will be... hot!

I'm enjoying your blog :)



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