Monday, October 9, 2017

A Slice of My Life October 9, 2017

Good Morning!

I worked in the sewing room on Saturday and completed two more of the small monogrammed tote bags that I am working on for Christmas gifts.  I also started on the 4th bag.  I felt a bit of accomplishment since I had not been able to find the time or motivation to do any sewing lately.

My plan is to work at least 15 minutes each day in the sewing room.   But, with even the best of intentions, lots of days (well most days) it doesn't happen. sigh.....

Also on Saturday my hubby and I cleaned out one of my Zinnia flower beds.  The flowers were still blooming, but the plant part was looking very bad.  I picked a bunch of the flowers and then we pulled up all the zinnia plants and I trimmed all the remaining plants.  That's one flower bed that has been put to bed for the winter!   The flowers made a very pretty arrangement that I have been enjoying all weekend, and should last most of the week.

This is the other Zinnia bed that has mostly yellow zinnias.  They are still looking pretty good, so I'll leave them for a while longer.  Its been very dry lately, so we've been watering them.

This week I am working in Zone 2 on the Flylady plan which is the kitchen.  Here are my plans:

1  Declutter and throw away some of the junky plastic ware we have accumulated.  I get so mad when I am running short of time and I'm trying to pack my lunch and none of the lids will fit the bowl I put something in!

2.  Wipe off the cabinet doors and the fronts of the appliances.  Our cabinets are white and dust accumulates on them.  The best way to remove this is to use baby wipes or Lysol wipes.

3.  Wipe out the refrigerator shelves  and drawers and throw away anything that needs to be tossed.

4.  Declutter duplicate and unneeded kitchen utensils, gadgets, pans, etc.  I have a huge pile of cookie sheets, muffin tins and spatulas. 

5.  Store some things that are normally stored on the counter inside the cabinets.  Hopefully there will be more room when I get rid of some things.  For example, I don't use the blender that often, but it is taking up room on the counter.  Same goes for the red Pioneer Woman Dutch Oven.  Its pretty, but adds to that cluttered look.

6.  Wash the window over the sink.

7.  Use magic minutes:  Those are the minutes that can be used while waiting for something else, or when you just have an extra minute.  I could wipe out one of the shelves inside the refrigerator door during a magic minute, or wipe one cabinet door front!

Ideas for food this week:

Butterbeans cooked with smoked sausage that has been cut into small pieces

Beef kabobs cooked in the oven.

Sloppy Joes

Bite size celery sticks with a spoon of pimento cheese on each one.

Hot dogs

Green beans cooked with ham bits

I hope your week is blessed and productive!


Little Penpen said...

Those bags are just wonderful. There are going to be some happy recipients come Christmas!! Your zinnias are still so pretty and I wish I had thought to plant some. I need to put that on my calendar/planner for next year. When we had our company last week, I decluttered my kitchen countertops and LOVED how clean everything looked. I wanted to keep it that way, but hubby wanted me to return the big dish of our daily meds to the counter. It's still better than it was!

Mary L. Briggs said...

You are getting a lot accomplished! I have thought about trying the fly lady program and may do it once we get some things moved in the house. I love that you shared your menu--sometimes it seems as if we eat the same meals every week!

Mary L. Briggs said...

Those bags are so pretty! And I love all the pumpkins and flowers. I have looked at the flylady program before and considered it. Our house is in a transition right now, so maybe I will try it in a few months!

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