Friday, August 18, 2017

A Tiny Frugal Tip #1

Welcome to a new series of posts that I plan to do, called "A Tiny Frugal Tip". They'll be short and sweet, but hopefully you can glean some information to save a few dollars!
Here's a tiny tip that's also frugal.  Put your body wash in an empty liquid soap dispenser and add a little water to it.    It lasts longer and its easier to use.  With coupons and/or sales you can buy body wash pretty inexpensively.

I was experiencing some dry skin on my legs and after I started shaving with the lathered up body wash,  my legs are smooth and soft.  I like it better than shaving cream or regular soap.

Its easy to pump the body wash onto your washcloth or directly onto your legs.

Its hard to get that last little bit of the body wash out of the original bottle, so I add a little water to it and shake it.  Then its easy to get every drop out.

I like the convenience of having pumps in the bath tub, so I am thinking of transferring my shampoo and conditioner to an empty pump bottle as well.  Adding a little water to shampoo and conditioner is a good idea I think, because you are going to lather it up with water on your head anyway.

Just a tiny tip to finish off the week!

Happy Friday!


Little Penpen said...

Great idea! I still use bar The younger generation just doesn't understand. I do buy my shampoo and conditioner in a pump and it does make a world of difference. I hadn't thought of adding water, but I might just do that today! These posts will be fun; I'll be looking forward to more.

Laura Lane said...

This is a good tiny tip. Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to looking around more at your blog. I'm a newbie visiting from Untangling the Skein.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Evelyn Edgett said...

Good idea! I have a large pump dandruff shampoo bottle that my husband used up. I fill it with a good inexpensive shampoo (like Suave). I use that as a body wash, since they are basically the same ingredients. Love the blog, looking forward to reading more!

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