Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Sunday Nugget - Amen

I babysat one of my grandsons Friday night and he gave me quite a few chuckles!  Kids can say some funny things and of course we grandparents think everything they say and do is the best ever.

I was reading a book to this one who is only 8 days shy of his third birthday at bedtime.  The book is called "Night Night Little Pookie" by Sandra Boynton and it is one of his favorites.  He especially loves that I read it just like the book sounds to me with lots of excitement and sound effects:  "OH POOOOOKIE!  ITS TIME FOR BED NOW!!  When I got to the end, he jumped right in and hollered, "AMEN!".  It was so funny that instead of saying "THE END!", he said "AMEN!".

I say Amen at the end of prayers, or when I agree with something, without really thinking about it.  So a quick search revealed that the real meaning of "Amen" is "So Be It" and signifies strong agreement. 

May your Sunday and the upcoming week be filled with many blessings and AMENS!

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Little Penpen said...

Amen! I love what the little's say too! I was saying something to Chandler about having the grandkids stay with me so the parents could do something without the kids. I said "Mommy will be so happy." and he looked at me very seriously and said 'no, Mommy loves us." LOL

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