Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Glimpses of Home

Here are a few glimpses of home here at the farmhouse from the middle of July, 2017.

A jar full of summer:

A daily harvest.

I made some homemade BBQ sauce, but it wasn't good enough that I would want to share the recipe. So all you get is a picture of the ingredients.  I will try again.

Frying okra:

I found a good deal on Amazon for Gain refill packs. I checked and there's still a $4.25 coupon which brings down the price to $10.19 for three 48 ounce refill packs.   Click HERE to see the deal.  Using Subscribe and Save is great.  I receive a Subscribe and Save order every month.  Just remember to cancel your subscription the following month if you don't want to receive it at what ever price they are then.  In this picture I was transferring the liquid to an empty Purex jug and wanted to make sure I got every drop.

A little patriotic spot.


Chicago Peace Rose:

Little Boy is growing.  This one will be 3 next month!

Dreaming of fall, but these leaves are this color in the middle of summer.

This boy will be 4 next week.  And he fell and fractured his arm this week.  He will wear a cast on his little arm for only 2 weeks though.

In the little shade garden:

Working outside.  I need to sit on this little scooter because my knees hurt if I squat or kneel!

Petunias and Rosemary.

These Moss Roses (Portulaca) come back in pots from seeds every year.

Tractors at work.  This year we have sweet potatoes growing behind and beside us.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!


Little Penpen said...

Such pretty happenings around your home. I love that you have country fields all around. Sweet potatoes won't block your view this year, plus you may get to 'glean' a few. Sorry about the little guy breaking his arm. Is he proud of his cast? I need a scooter like yours; getting up and down is more and more difficult. I gave all three dogs a bath Monday night and I have pulled a muscle in my back. Ouch! The GAIN refill packs are cool and you are smart to hang it up to empty that way. Those fried okra look delicious and I'll bet your bbq sauce wasn't bad... your ingredients sure look good. Happy Birthday to the soon to be 3 year old. Have a great day!!

Mary Ann said...

Such a pretty bouquet in the Mason jar!

Mary L. Briggs said...

What pretty pictures! It looks like you are having a great summer! I especially love the 'jar of summer'!

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