Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Cleaning In The Storage Building

This is the small storage building that my Hubby has designated as mine.  It contains so many different kinds of things including, but not limited to gardening supplies, gardening tools, plastic totes full of various household items, kids' yard toys, flower pots, potting soil, fertilizer, clothes drying racks, Christmas trees, canning jars and supplies, vases, wreaths, cemetery flowers, garden flags and much, much more.

The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to work in the building.  It won't be long before winter will be here and I won't want to be working outside.  So, I spent a  couple of hours trying to get it in some kind of order.  The main problem is that I have stored some small pieces of furniture out there and when I put the furniture in there, I put it in the middle, just so the door would still close.  Then things got put on top of the furniture and it was down hill from there!

My goodness!

After two hours, everything is straightened up and it looks so much better.  Its still not pretty to look at, but that's ok.  It is an outside storage building after all!   I need to spend some time going through things, decluttering, etc., but I made some great progress.  Here's an after picture that shows we can now actually walk inside the building.

We threw away a large black garbage bag filled with trash, two boxes of old newspapers and an old metal dresser chair.

My cleaning zone for this week is the living room and front porch.  I've already decluttered and deep cleaned most of this area, so I just need to do maintenance cleaning.  Things like cleaning under furniture, detail dusting and cleaning under the cushions on the couch.

I have to say that my home is the cleanest its been since we moved in!  I am loving it.  In addition to my zone cleaning, I now have a morning cleaning routine that I do before work which is mostly just straightening everything up.  Its so nice to walk into a clean house after work every day.


Denise said...

Cleaning and organizing before a long winter sure makes a nice place to spend that long winter.......Good idea to have a little cleaning routine before work, when I worked outside the home I loved coming home to a tidy house........

Little Penpen said...

Lucky you to have a she shed!!!! Looks great!

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