Monday, October 17, 2016

In The Land of Cotton

Of all the crops that are planted behind our house, I love cotton the best.  Hurricane Matthew has damaged it some and so its not quite as pretty as I had hoped.  The little cotton balls are kind of hard and didn't open up fully.

I always think of my Mama when I see cotton.  She picked more than her share in her early years.  She would often tell me stories of her cotton picking days.  Mama was a hard working woman.  She helped my grandfather keep the farm going while all her brothers were away in the war.  Even in her later years she could work circles around me!

These boys love to run around in the fields.  They are technically city boys, but they have some country farmer blood in them, since they are related to me!

Homemaking plans for this week:  Continue with Fall cleaning and Spend 15 minutes a day doing daily cleaning.  The weekend was so busy, I didn't get my basic maintenance cleaning done, so I hope to do it during the week before work.  Its easy to do 15 minutes of work each morning and it really makes a difference.  The zone I'm working on this week in doing my Fall cleaning is the hallway and guest bedroom.

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Little Penpen said...

Your boys are growing up!! These are great pic's and I really like the one of you and hubby. Cotton fields are so pretty!

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