Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Peek Into My Totebag

This is the tote bag I carry to work every day.  Some days it stays in the car.  When I'm at home it sits beside my main purse.  I tend to always pay bills and balance our checkbook online, during my lunch break.  Monday during lunch is when I do what I call my bookkeeping.  I do hubby's paycheck deposit, pay any bills, and balance the checkbook.

 I like the way having these file folders in the tote bag works.  They fit in here perfectly.  When a new bill comes I just drop it into the file that says "Bills-Pay-Mail".  I would also put in here any other mail that needs to go out.

One file has my address list, various cards such as "Get Well", "Sympathy", or "Thank You".  Also there are stamps, and return address labels.  The file that is labeled "To Do" contains things that remind me to do certain things.  For instance it currently contains mail we received for a recall on our vehicle.  So, I need to go online and see what we need to do.  Sometimes I end up with things in here that need to be filed for use later on in doing taxes.  So there is a file for that.    This system is working very well for me.

 I also bought this Prayer Journal that I am using for prayers and spiritual things, but also for to do lists, prayer lists, etc.  It was a gift to myself!

I thought it was a good idea to combine my day to day list making with prayer and Bible study.  In the mornings I can check to see what's on my to do list, and also look up a Bible verse and journal a little about it. 

Here is one page of prayer journaling I did based on  James 1:17-19.

I am also keeping a prayer list which I haven't shown for privacy reasons.  On this list I am writing the prayer needs of our family, as well as any prayer requests I receive.  For instance if someone on Facebook asks for prayer, I try to write it on the prayer list.  Otherwise, even though I might say a quick prayer for that person, I often forget all about it.  I put the date beside the prayer and if the need for the prayer ends, I can check it off.  I also add things like people who have lost loved ones, or are facing difficult situations.  This time of year lots of people are facing new seasons in life.

I guess my tote bag with files is another version of what some call a household binder.

I am putting together a zone cleaning list which will go in the "to do" file.  Other ideas for that file are menu plans, a master grocery list and more.  As Christmas times approaches, I'll probably start a file for things associated with that.

Also in my bag I keep an umbrella, a bottle of contact lens solution, and whatever I might need to remember for that day.  This would be things like a library book that needs to be turned in.  Today there is also a special kind of light bulb that I need to stop by Lowes and get.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to get organized.  Have a great day!


Little Penpen said...

I like this idea a lot. Even though we have a designated 'home office' now, I rarely go into that room. I grab the binder and run back to my spot on the couch to work on it. :) Your idea is perfect, especially for on the run. Your journal is great too. I seem to start notebooks with similar ideas, then forget them, and then start another one. Let's see.... what does that make me? a little attention deficit? LOL

Terri said...

Great idea! I've been trying to get better organized here too.

Denise said...

You are so organized, I started the year off well......this might be just what I need to get myself reorganized!

Eileen Daidone said...

This is brilliant! I always have too many things to hold in a portable notebook, but just shoving stuff into a bag makes things unorganized. I think I have an old laptop tote that will hold file folders and other items. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Laura Lane said...

This is wonderful and seems to work well for you. I can be a bit disorganized myself at times. I have a binder that has the bills in it. Right now, my husband is paying most of the bills. I, of course, do the shopping for the house, groceries, cleaning supplies etc.

I write a lot about thrifty living on a low income. Do drop in and say hello!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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