Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Little Christmas Wreath DIY

Several years ago I made lots of grapevine wreaths.  Since then, I have used them year round, by just changing out the decorations and bows. 

This is the way I decorated one of them for Christmas last year.  I still like it, but it didn't show up too well on our front door, which is painted brown.

So I took off the decorations and using a cheap can of spray paint from Dollar General, I painted it white.

Then I used several rolls of Christmas ribbon that I also bought at Dollar General, along with some of the same decorations and some red shiny balls to decorate the wreath like this.

I'm a little rusty at making bows! I regret not buying nicer ribbon, but it is what it is.  In about three weeks, I'll be taking it down.  Maybe I can find some nicer ribbon on sale after Christmas for use next year!

This is a tutorial that I used for inspiration to make these bows:  SOUTHERN CHARMS WREATHS.

And I also LOVE this wreath HERE.

Maybe I can make a new wreath for Spring along those lines.


Little Penpen said...

I used to enjoy making grapevine wreaths and always looked forward to my parents trimming their vines. I, too, had to paint my vines white on my last house, because my door and everything was brown. Your wreath is pretty and I really really love the first one, that didn't show up on your house very well. LOL ps... our house is under contract!!!!!

Meggie said...

What a terrific wreath you have created...and, I think the ribbon looks wonderful...I like the use of different ribbons.

Auntie M said...

Very well done, Debbie. From here, I cannot tell that you need nicer ribbon!!!! It is pretty.

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