Saturday, June 20, 2015

Strawberry Candy

Early this morning I planted these two day lilies at the mailbox. Their name is Strawberry Candy, but they sure look orangeish to me!

I needed something that didn't need much care, so these day lilies will work great.  All the ones I have in my present yard and my previous yard, have been tough and yet bloomed beautifully. 

Hope your Saturday is going great.  Mine is going to involve some hugs and kisses from a certain little fellow named Jake!


Auntie M said...

You are so correct about the lack of care that daylilies require!
And, who knows, blooms may be strawberry colored next year. Sometimes they evolve.

As I have said before, I love the things you do with your yard. You and Hubby are quite a pair in accomplishing this.

Meggie said...

Daylilies are one of my favorite too....they give so much for so little care. When they multiply, it is fun to share them. Your country garden is looking good....

Rita said...

Always like the way you do things. Sometimes simple but beautiful! I love that look. I have to much to do to spend a lot of time on things. What a nice idea to put lilies by the mailbox.