Thursday, May 14, 2015

Around the Farmhouse Yard

I snapped a few picture on a beautiful May day, walking around in the yard.

Thanks to Sub-Tropical Storm Ana, we have water front property, temporarily.  But, all that rain was good for my flowers!

Here are a few of the flowers in my yard in different stages of growth:

Mother's Day Gift from my son, a hanging basket of Geraniums.


Looking forward to the Zinnias being as tall as the birdhouses!

This last one is a Hydrangea that my hubby gave me for Mother's Day.  I'll be planting it outside eventually, but its beautiful sitting in a sunny window inside for now.


Little Penpen said...

Everything is so pretty in your yard. Those zinnias are going to be AWESOME!!

Ruth said...

Beautiful! I love the hydrangeas--my husband has tried growing them for me (I don't garden) but with no success. Your flowers are so pretty.

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