Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crocheted Hats Progress

Here are some of the hats I taught myself to crochet, so far.

These are for my youngest grandson.  As you can see, they are 3 different sizes.  I don't know if any of them will fit!  I'll see him Sunday, so we will be trying on hats.

I made this one for my 6 year old grandson.  Again, don't know if it will fit!  Its all a learning process!

I am so pleased to be able to crochet something during this cold weather season.   It will be even nicer if the hats fit and are put to good use!


Impera Magna said...

Very nice hats! Crochet is very forgiving size-wise since it stretches... and these will keep those precious noggins nice and warm!

Little Penpen said...

Those hats are adorable. The boys will be so cute in them.... esp. the one with ears! And of course, the NC state red!!

Terri said...

Very nice! They look well made and warm. I hope they fit. :-)

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