Friday, December 13, 2013

A Little Christmas in the Kitchen.

 I am using the appliqued table runner that I made last weekend on the counter in the kitchen. I think its truly "country" looking. All of the fabrics were in my stash and scraps.

I love the chicken basket that we found in a thrift store.    It holds my cloth Christmas napkins in this picture. 


lisa said...

Beautiful.. Isn't it great to create something out of things you have.... Have a great day...Lisa.

a8383 said...

That runner is sooo cute you smart girl! Angela

Auntie M said...

Thank you for the pictures of the kitchen counter display. It really shows off the runner well.

You do a terrific job, Girl!!

Rhonda said...

Your photos are huge but I like seeing everything in them, all your decorating looks perfect for your home and so pretty. I like the cardinal in the window and if the pictures were smaller, I might not of seen them.

Meggie said...

This is another great idea...are the red curtains, in the background, up all year-round?