Friday, November 22, 2013

The Stained Glass Window

We found this little vintage stained glass window in a shop in the Tennessee mountains.
I have too many plants!!!!!

When we asked about the history of the window, the shop owners said it came from a church in Rehobeth, Delaware.  I love having a piece of a church in our farm house.

I also love the fall leaves outside the window in this picture.

It adds such a "homey" special touch to the dining room, especially in the afternoon when the sun shines in on that side of the house.

It just occurred to me that doing Bible study at the dining room table with the sun coming in through an old church stained glass window would be a very good thing.


Little Penpen said...

Your new window is gorgeous! I can just imagine the pretty colors coming through the window when the sun shines through.

a8383 said...

What a lovely touch to your home!And I like your plants. I have two old church windows too. I just love them. When I first brought them home, my husband thought he was going to scrape the chippy paint and repaint them!!! He just couldn't believe I loved them "as is." Ha ha! Angela

Auntie M said...

Well done!!!

Terri said...

I like it! I never would have thought to hang it from chains like you have. Very nice. :-)

Freda Fields Alley said...

What a lovely stained glass window! And that window is the perfect place to hang it too!!!

Meggie said...

Beautiful room....very inviting!