Monday, September 30, 2013

Little McDebbie Muffins

Little McDebbie Muffins is what my hubby calls these breakfast sandwiches that I made Saturday morning.  I made ten, with the intention of freezing most of them.  So I had to get organized.

While a small amount of oil was heating in the frying pan, I got out the eggs.


I split the English muffins and took the cheese slices out of the wrapping.

I fried the eggs in the hot oil.  If you push the whites of the eggs toward the center with a spatula, they are rounder and fit on the muffins better.  I also poked the yokes so that they would cook.  I didn't want runny eggs in the muffins.

I had Pandora radio going on the computer while I worked.  The station I created was instrumental/piano music. 

Here are the muffins with the eggs on them.

Then I added the Canadian Bacon on top of the eggs.

Followed by cheese.  A couple of them have Pepper Jack cheese for a little bite!

The finished sandwiches:

I put them in sandwich bags.

Eight of the individual sandwiches were put in a gallon size bag and two were put in the fridge for eating right away.

These sandwiches have about 300 calories.  Hubby can take one with him to work to heat up after he gets there.


Little Penpen said...

very smart; and this way you 'KNOW' what ingredients are in your sandwich. ;))

Auntie M said...


Can cleaning be enjoyable?

I'm always in a hurry when it comes to cleaning!  Squeezing in a few minutes here and there and then on Saturday, a couple of hours... a...