Monday, September 16, 2013

How I Organize My Clothes For Transitioning Into Fall

We've had a few Fall-like days, so its time to organize my closet for the transitional weather we have this time of year. I'm done with some of my summer clothes until next spring. We'll still have hot days for the next month at least, but some mornings and some days will be cool.

So, I worked on organizing my clothes Saturday. I had at least 10 sleeveless tops hanging in my closet taking up space and hangers. I use these for layering year round or by themselves in the summer.

I learned from organizing expert, Alejandra Costello, to fold them in half twice and then roll them up.  They take up less space and are easy to see when opening the drawer, as opposed to just folding them and stacking them on top of each other.  If you have time, look at some of her videos for lots of organizing inspiration.

The other summer tops were switched out with some fall tops in the sewing room closet where I store off season clothes.  I kept some short sleeve tops in darker colors on the left side of the rod and some light weight long sleeve tops on the right side of the rod. 

On the bottom rod I placed some lighter weight jackets and sweaters.  I probably won't use these too much for a few more weeks.

This is the left side of my side of the closet where I hang pants, jeans, skirts and dresses.  There is also a hanging shoe organizer and a scarf organizer.  That little basket holds my every day underwear.  I think "life's too short to fold underwear", so I just toss them in this basket when doing laundry.   This way they still look neat and its so easy to grab a pair when getting dressed.

I still love this over the door shoe/sock organizer that I posted about last spring.

When I was in the off season clothing closet, I saw that I have plenty of winter sweaters.  When the weather changes over to cold in about mid-November, I'll put away the transitional fall clothes and get out the cold weather ones.

Also, on Saturday I found a few pieces of clothes that needed some mending and worked on that.

Going through clothes at the beginning of a season is a great time to figure out what you might need to buy or what you have plenty of.  I don't do too much clothes shopping, but when I do I'd like to know what I'm supposed to be looking for, instead of wandering around aimlessly.  I'm trying to look more "put together".

For example, in the past I often picked up a top that was cute, but didn't know how I was going to wear it.  I'm going to make another list of outfits, like I did at the beginning of the summer, complete with jewelry and shoes, so that I can get dressed quickly for work or church.  It seems I am always doing this at the last minute!


Mary Ann said...

I need to go through my clothes too. You are so organized!

Auntie M said...

I am impressed. Can I engage you to work "with" me to do the same in my closets?

Little Penpen said...

I like the idea of putting together a list of outfits. Very handy for quick dressing!

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