Monday, August 12, 2013

The Toilet Paper Fairy has been!!!

The way manufacturers package and label many items, its very hard to figure out what is a good price!  This drives me crazy when shopping for things like toilet paper, laundry detergent and ice cream.  Things that once all had the same number of ounces or sheets, or loads, now have different ones.  Some items that used to always be a pound are now 12 ounces.   Its so easy to be tricked into thinking you are getting the best buy by reading all the junk they print on the packages.  My advice is not to pay any attention to anything, except the bottom line:  How many ounces, sheets, etc. does this item have?  Then compare brands and sale prices.

In the bedroom closet.

After staring at all the prices and number of sheets on toilet paper in the grocery store one day, I vowed that I would get to the bottom of this quandary, with toilet paper and the many other items that we all use.

It doesn't matter to me if it says double rolls, or anything like that.  What matters is how many sheets are on the roll.  Once you decide which brands you like, then do a comparison based on the number of sheets.
In the laundry room.
Here's what I figured out so far:

Most brands of toilet paper have 264 sheets per roll.    One exception is Scott Extra Soft "Mega Rolls", which have 400 sheets.  The Scott Extra Soft regular rolls have 264 sheets.  But, you have to look at the fine print on the package to see how many sheets per roll your favorite toilet papers have.

I like Scott Extra Soft, Charmin Basic, Angel Soft and Cottonelle.  I do not like the very thick brands.  They seem to stop up.... the plumbing.   I don't like the Scott 1000 sheet rolls, although they used to be the only one I bought.  They are a great buy, but they are too thin to me, now that I have grown accustomed to the Extra Soft ones.

At any rate, here are the prices that I try to get on toilet paper.  Some of these can only be achieved if I also have a coupon, but normally I do have coupons.

Any toilet paper that has 264 sheets per roll:  The lowest price I've found is 33 cents per roll.  But anywhere between 33 cents per roll and up to 41 cents per roll.  Of course, 33 cents per roll prices equals STOCK UP TIME!

The Scott Extra Soft Mega Rolls with 400 sheets per roll:  50 cents per roll.  These are often on sale for $6.99 per 12 pack and I usually have a $1.00 off coupon.  If I see these on sale for less than $6.99 and I have coupons, this would equal STOCK UP TIME.

Just remember, you have to check to see how many sheets are on each roll of what ever toilet paper you are buying, whether or not it says "double rolls", etc.

I intend to out smart those manufacturers by sitting down with a calculator and a list of the prices, ounces and other sizes of items we buy regularly, and figuring out what my stock up price is.

Recently, before I became "enlightened" as to the details of toilet paper prices, I bought some Scott Extra Soft toilet paper and thought I had gotten them at a real steal.  When I got home I realized they were the 264 sheet per roll size and not the mega rolls.   I got fooled once, but not again!

I hope this will be helpful to you!


Rhonda Sue said...

It is crazy how prices are so hard to compare . Right now for me, if it is on sale at cvs with a coupon and an ECB, I consider it a good deal.
But it has to be soft :)

Little Penpen said...

Absolutely!! I've never done the math, but yes, they try to get us with advertising, don't they? It seems the rolls are getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes, I'm like "why can't we keep toilet paper in the house these days????" My fav. is Cottonelle, so I def. try to buy when on sale. (ps...I hate Charmin...too thick and soft!! LOL)

Auntie M said...

Preach on, Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

Debby said...

You are so right!! Just about the time I figure out how much something cost per ounce they go and change it, grrr The only way to go in this economy is to stock up on sale. BTW great info, thanks

Rita said...

This is a great help to me. Thank you Debbie. I wrote this down and will have it with me and the coupons too. Thank You!

Denise said...

I agree with you on the packaging, I recently bought something and I swear they made the box just a bit smaller, not sure as I didn't have any from a previous box at home. Toilet paper is one of the most difficult for me to figure out the best deals, thanks for sharing your experience.

Susannah said...

Oh my hubby has this down to a science. He happened to be in here the other day and I was reading it to him. He agrees totally it is the number of sheets. His best best here in Rochester, NY is Wegman's. Have you ever heard of Wegman's? It is a grocery store started right here in Rochester and now they have many stores here and all across the state and are moving to other states. What a family they are and the Wegman's brand is fabulous. Anyways, hubby says the Wegman's brand toilet paper is the best and the best for your buck. If you ever get to a Wegman's you must check it out. Fabulous store.

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