Monday, August 26, 2013

Planning for Christmas 2013 - Christmas Stockings

I woke up during the night last night and realized that we need two new Christmas stockings for the two new grandsons that were born this year!!! I have a tutorial that I wrote a few years ago that I pulled up HERE.

I have lots of printed Christmas fabric, but didn't want that look for some reason.  Most of it seemed too "busy" with all the snowmen, Santas, reindeer, etc.  So, this is what I came up with for Eli. I used some snowflake flannel fabric bought on clearance a couple of years ago and recycled denim for the cuff.   Total cost, less than 50 cents!

For Walt's stocking I am using some red and green homespun with a tan corduroy cuff.  I'll show you it when I get it done.

Have a wonderful day!


Debby said...

How cute is that!!! Perfect for those new babies

Little Penpen said...

I have Christmas on my mind too. Your embroidery is so pretty on Eli's stocking. :))

Meggie said...

I'm impressed with getting this done so early. Each year, in December, I say, "Next year I will start my Christmas projects in July". Somehow it never happens. The stocking is adorable.

Auntie M said...

Talk about getting ahead of the game!!!

Lena said...

How cute!!!